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Duplicate entries in iCal & OmniFocus, or items being moved to OF inbox Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I also have this issue. Could it be due to syncing from both my laptop and iphone?
this is killing me right now... I am reading GTD (the book) and I'm so excited about implementing the total system via omni focus. I love omnifocus! but can't afford to cancel my current cell phone contract, i.e. an iPhone for me is half a year away at least!

Now I have everything (ok almost everything, I'm trying!) in OF and I want to be able to add stuff from my phone. I have 2 phones, a blackberry and palm treo, and I have missing sync for palm and blackberry (note: I bought both of these in hopes of using the basic task list to "GTD" before I knew about OF and GTD in general). But now here I am... first sync works great - after that, every time I sync the items I completed seem to return, then there are duplicates... and it seems it's all because I want to sync to my phone (this happens with either phone, I've tried one and the other - I'm not trying to sync both. actually the old palm treo has much better calendar support than the blackberry curve, specifically the ability to handle multiple calendars, but I digress).

So basically I can't use my on-the-go task list to edit at all, just to look at. Honestly, the best part of a mobile device task list is the satisfaction from clicking the check box! It's just not useful for me unless I can check the stuff off as I go. I'm really frustrated and it feels like my best hope to actually get things done is now being thwarted. I'm surrounded by technology and it's beginning to feel like I have to print out my todo's and check them off with a pen as I go through my day... that's crazy talk!

Has anyone come up with a work around (other than overwriting the handheld each time?).

I would try doing some syncing between iCal and OmniFocus without muddying the waters with Blackberry and Treo sync activity. If you still have problems, then you'll have a better chance of the problem getting some attention from Omni. If the problem only occurs when you mix in some 3rd party's software, it's a bitter pill to swallow, but that's probably going to be quite a distance down their priority list if code changes are required.

In any case, be sure to contact the support ninjas for their help. Omni's got a great support team, and you've already paid for their help!
I don't want to jinx myself by speaking too soon, but my treo seems to be behaving... so far i have about 5 contexts mapped to about 5 calendars... been adding from each, modifying from each, syncing... i'll keep adding and see!
So far so good... maxed out missing sync's calendar sync (it can only sync as many as 15 calendars), had to get a little creative with my context->calendar mapping but it's working. I do get 4 tasks that sometimes show up in my inbox. They used to be repeating events, but I've stopped using repeating events and it's all working with an exception of those 4. Not sure why those 4 keep coming back but it's not so bad.

Should hold me over till I get an iPhone anyway...
Originally Posted by sequethin View Post
So far so good... maxed out missing sync's calendar sync (it can only sync as many as 15 calendars), had to get a little creative with my context->calendar mapping but it's working. I do get 4 tasks that sometimes show up in my inbox. They used to be repeating events, but I've stopped using repeating events and it's all working with an exception of those 4. Not sure why those 4 keep coming back but it's not so bad.

Should hold me over till I get an iPhone anyway...
...well if OF app on the iPodTouch is any indication of how OF & iCal will work with the iPhone, you may find yourself better off with your OF desktop/iCal/Missing Sync combo to Treo solution.

I bought the OF app for my iPodTouch in the hopes of GTD from WiFi locations where I work, using the OF desktop and iCal synching via MobileMe. I had been using my Treo 755p with Missing Sync & iCal for the past 3 years without incident, but really liked OF's claim of syncing across MobileMe with the OF app for iPhone/iPodTouch.

The OF app, like OF, is easy to use and the two work great together over MobileMe, but somehow iCal became the old man out. I keep getting duplication of modified tasks with originals (unmodified) from iCal which are now propagating in my OF app on the iPodTouch. Even after I nail the dupes, they return in OF desktop (in triplicate and even quadruplicate). All of this after I left Missing Sync and the Treo 755p entirely out of the loop (as instructed by the Support Ninjas and folks from other MobileMe syncing forums).

In short, the task duplication Samurai is stumping the OF Support Ninjas. I am sadly, but seriously, having to go back to the Missing Sync/iCal combo that has been the basis of my GTD for so long now. At the very least I will be able to spend more time doing the things on my task list rather than hunting down the phantoms that are plaguing this otherwise excellent software.
I have the same issue.

Having read on this forum about the URL being used as a key value for the sync I have been monitoring the value of the field in my iCal ToDo's.

For me everything works fine until (Snow Leopard) is started or restarted. For a short period of time all the ToDo's (when viewed in are greyed out, I'm guessing while gets the latest ToDo's from iCal. While this takes place all the URL fields get updated, so a URL that was previously 'omnifocus:///task/fw0avcjKWJ6' gets changed to 'mailitem:818D81AE-D6C8-4543-A139-66CB06173256?type=todo&action=showparent'.

At this point I delete all the ToDo's in and re-sync OF (ver 1.7.5) with iCal, and then the cycle repeats. :(

Is it possible to disable ToDo's in
Can't sync w/Ical accurately. Tasks will not erase in Ical when completed in OF AND they also show up in the inbox of OF.

This thread started a few months ago. Has anyone found a fix?
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
Hmmm... if nothing else is syncing with iCal, this doesn't sound like something I've heard of before. We'd love to investigate it with you, though - if you send email to the support ninjas we can look into what's going on here. Sorry again for the trouble it's causing.
Actually, you're not syncing with iCal. You're syncing with the Snow Leopard's built-in extensible Sync Services. This is why syncing with 'iCal' syncs with my preferred calendar too: BusyCal. Just with a slightly better result at BusyCal treats tasks better than does iCal.

This leads to another problem. The contents of the Sync Services are synced through MobileMe to other Macs, to iPod Touches and to iPhones. And to the iPad when it is released.

In OmniFocus you are thought to sync with 'iCal' but if you are using OmniFocus on more than one Mac you are in problems if you do just that. You should only sync with the Sync Services on /one/ Mac as the synced tasks are automatically synced to the other Macs through MobileMe. If you sync from OmniFocus to the Sync Services on two Macs [laptop and desktop] you will get circular syncs - and lots of duplicates. OmniFocus tasks synced to the Sync Services on Computer 1, synced to Computer 2 through MobileMe without the use of the Sync Service's extensibility, can simply not be recognized by OmniFocus on Computer 2 as the same tasks it receives through MobileMe's iDisk.

Unfortunately, OmniFocus will frequently notify the user when he has not synced to the Sync Services for some time. Fortunately it doesn't sync automatically once an hour as is the case with syncs to MobileMe's iDisk. But it should be possible to be able to turn notification off.

Even better had it been to use the extensible Sync Services to sync everything between different Macs. Drop the iDisk sync and extend the Sync Services to include tasks with start dates, projects, contexts, ... it should sync to other Macs directly through MobileMe if set up properly, and the calendar applications will be able to use the features they can use. And OmniFocus should perform this sync with Sync Services automatically

The only problem that I can see to such a solution is that the present iPhone OS doesn't allow 3rd party applications general access to MobileMe. But this may change with the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0.

With MS Office 2008 installed and after having installed a trial version of SOHO Organizer, in the sync portion of the MobileMe control panel I see that these applications use the extensible Sync Services and MobileMe to sync between different Macs. At least, I can see sync options for SOHO Notes, SOHO-tags and Entourage-notes. So it should be possible to set up the extended Sync Services to do so.

On the iPhone I use two 'organizers', Pocket Informant from WebIS with integrated calendar and tasks, and OmniFocus with tasks only. At present, Pocket Informant syncs with BusyCal [and thus the Sync Services] through Google Calendar - and no real sync of tasks to the Mac is done.

But I know they are working on a WebIS Desktop Sync application for Mac that will sync through WiFi [or the internet through port forwarding] to the extensible Sync Services. This means they have to define data structures for start date, project, context etc in the extensible part of the Sync Services. For sure it would be best for the customers of both products, OmniFocus and Informant, if you choose the same data structures enabling sync between OmniFocus and Informant. It is /extremely/ practical to have a today view with events and tasks together.

And in general to be able to see forthcoming tasks in your calendar. I can see OmniFocus tasks in BusyCal - but it is a nuisance to have to sync two sets of tasks manually, between OmniFocus and Informant.

Last edited by perronne; 2010-02-13 at 02:36 AM.. Reason: Clarification of why OmniFocus sync on two Macs gives duplicates

Thanks for your post, you have given me some ideas that may help me solve a problem. I spent a large chunk of time Sunday trying to sync my OmniFocus tasks on my iMac, with BusyCal on both my iMac (which seemed to work) and my laptop. I tried different combinations trying to get it to work and then realized Mail was getting in the way. It seems like I was trying to coordinate 4 programs, OmniFocus, iCal, BusyCal and Mail on 2 machines using Mobile Me. I ended up with a complete mess, duplicates, triplicates, and contexts all over the place. I had to use Time Machine to gain some sense of control, but still lost my lastest weekly review (which was one of my best one's) and a lot of time.

What I really would like to do is sync OmniFocus tasks with BusyCal on both my iMac and laptop. I would like to leave iCal and Mail out of the picture. I have an iPhone but can live without having tasks on that since I'm office bound and live off my iMac or laptop. I'm hoping some others have some experience working with BusyCal, which is a nice app.

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