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Recently I find that I need to create a variety of diagrams where shapes relate not by connections, but by contact. In some cases, I need to create a diagram where one or more shapes tessellate. In others, I simply want to use the edges of a shape as a placement guide.

I have a graffle doc I can share with examples of both of these cases. The document is a colorway diagram of a particular kind of Japanese kumihimo braid. The tiled area at the top represents the four faces (N,S,E,W) of a square braid, while the circle diagram at the bottom shows the starting positions of bobbins around a marudai -- a circular Japanese braiding loom. The whole thing is linked by a set of groups which turns it into a big "color by numbers" workbook for this braid structure.

My request is this: I would love for the ability to position objects by contact -- edge alignment (or tangency for circles/ellipses), vertex alignment (sides touch then move and snap to corners aligned), and so forth. Also, are there features of OmniGraffle Pro 5 that I've missed that would ease this sort of diagramming?

P.S. The attachment button on the forum editor doesn't work, or else I'd post this file. It's also available as the .graffle file online here (caveat, this probably requires being a member of this particular Yahoo group to access :-P ):
The attachment button works fine. However, you can't attach just any arbitrary file type -- there's a list of permitted types, and OmniGraffle is probably not among them. Simple workaround: use the Finder's Compress command (or Create Archive if you have an older version of Mac OS X) to turn it into a .zip file, which is allowed. You are correct that one cannot download from that particular Yahoo Group without being a member, it would appear.
Sigh; what a nuisance. The zipped file is too big for the forum's upload limit.
Bummer -- I was interested in seeing the diagram, maybe a screenshot? Well, in any case, if you use Help->Send Feedback to send in your file to the Omni folks, you'll be guaranteed a response (not so on the forum), and if it is interesting, maybe you could let us know what it is?
Not being able to see your diagram, I'm not sure if this is the kind of thing you're talking about, but maybe the table feature would help?

A year or two ago I created some hex maps by creating a single hex and then using the table feature to turn it into a whole bunch. I then had to ungroup the table and shift columns up or down to make them fit exactly, but it worked.

Just a thought.
Right, let's try this.

ABOK 3073 Structure

Apologies for the grumbling earlier, I had only enough time for a quick drive-by upload session and the technology was going 'Boink' at me...

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