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I'm looking for a good calendar/appointment tracking application to use alongside OmniFocus. My ideal calendar would be something similar to iCal, but with a multi-level hierarchical structure for calendars like the project sidebar in OmniFocus (iCal's "groups" are not quite doing it for me).

- What calendar-type application do you use, and why?
- What calendar-type application would you recommend?
- What info from OmniFocus do you like to see on your calendar, and how do you get it there?

I don't like iCal. I also haven't been putting OF data into my calendar ... I run them as two separate systems.

For a good long time, I was using the GCal mini-app (single function web browser) to get to a set of calendars I generated at Google Calendar. GCal is abandonware, but was sturdy and simple.

However, about a month ago, Google did something to their log-in page, and it no longer worked with GCal. I started looking at other calendars. I also looked at making iCal work with my Google calendars, but everything was clunky, or expensive.

Eventually though, I found Sunbird. This is a free calendar app from the same people who brought us Firefox, and works in much the same way. One plug-in allows invisible 2 way synching with Google Calendars, so my problems are solved. [Except Mozilla is planning to abandon Sunbird ... story of my life.]

As I said, I don't link OFu and my calendar, so I don't know how that would work. But Sunbird does work with iCal files; I expect it will work with OmniFu's iCal file.

And, though free is my favorite price, if Omni created a calendar app, I'd cheerfully hand them my money. Because I know it would be good!
I use Google Calendar, which uses CalDAV to sync with iCal, although I avoid actually using iCal wherever possible as I really don't like it.

What I am actually trying to find at the moment is a solid contact management app that I can tie in with my OmniFocus usage. Apps like Daylite and Contactizer seem like overkill when I have an efficient OmniFocus task management workflow. If I bought these I'd be paying for so much task management stuff that I wouldn't use.

What I would love is to see OmniAddressBook, that let me add custom fields, track contacts, etc. If it tied in with OF, all the better.
Hmm, I'm pretty happy with iCal, but my needs are fairly simple. I often wonder why some people don't like it. Anyone care to elaborate?

I also don't put OmniFocus data in iCal. True to GTD principles, I only keep hard-landscape items on my calendar; everything else goes only in OmniFocus.

For me, it's partly a UI appearance thing ... I prefer my different calendar items to be black text on a colored bar, not colored text on white.

A larger issue is that it's a pain to share calendars with others. My DH uses Windows (and can't load software onto his lab machine), I use Tiger, my daughter has Leopard. I keep calendars for all, including my son, and several others.

I settled on Google Calendar as a way of setting up all those calendar files, so everyone can see them, on any computer. But, iCal has a lousy interface to Google. After I couldn't use gCal, I tried iCal with Calgoo ... I did get two way synching, but Calgoo is clunky and non-intuitive.

I suppose if I wasn't managing a host of different calendars for a busy family, I could deal with the ugly interface of iCal.

Sunbird works much better for me.
Google Calendar is so good I used it for ages before I got the iPhone, so went back to iCal for compatility

Trouble is I got so used to Gcal knowing what I meant when I typed in '10pm meeting' and it being able to put it into the right time, and I really miss that in iCal. iCal's way of inputting times from month view from the info box isn't too hot. I'm still pretty amazed how they got Gcal to be so good in the browser.

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