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SOLVED: Mysteriously growing OmniFocus.ofocus file Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Running latest SP 1.1 and iOF 1.01

I deleted extra .client files for both mac and iphone and reduced file size to 75k (from 335 k), and also rebuilt database.

Every time I sync my mac, I'm generating a new .client file. (Same name, with differing date/time stamp appended at beginning. )

On the other hand, syncing my iPhone is not generating a new .client file -- the existing one just gets a more recent modified time.

From the cumulative prior discussion, it sounds like the mac is supposed to (or then again maybe not) be generating multiple .client files, is that correct?

- Art

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This is actually now the default behavior of OmniFocus. The desktop clients produce multiple client files. The iPhone only produces one. You shouldn't have to worry about the "mysteriously growing .ofocus file" now.

By the way, this is new since about yesterday. The Omni guys managed to work some mojo on the way that OF handles it's database.

The only exception I can think of is if you change where you are syncing to from one server to another. That might cause some weird junk to happen.
I don't know all the details yet, but the additional client files are part of a fix to avoid clashes (resulting in invalid / misleading warnings) when multiple devices (two Macs, a Mac and an iPhone, etc) are syncing at the same time.

Since the fix is new, it's not in 1.0.1, which is the most recent version for the iPhone, and thus the warnings, at least for the common case, should be gone if you're just syncing between Macs, but you'll still see the warnings (on both Mac an iPhone/iPod, although probably less frequently on the Mac) until 1.0.2 (sorry, no timeframe yet) is available for the phone.
I'm using 1.1 SP I'm not synching with anything (no iPhone yet!).

My OF file used to be very small. Now, with 1.1 SP (all versions) it's sized at 6.2 Mb. While this size is not a problem per se (nothing is running slow), it seems a lot larger than it should be. This may cause a problem when i do get my iPhone.

Is there anything I can do at this point? Would it be helpful to send in my file to someone at OG?
One way to try and get your file size down if you're not syncing is to Back Up Database and then Revert to Database Backup (both are in the File menu). Make sure to pick the backup that you just created!

If that doesn't help, we'd be happy to take a look at your file. You can email it to

Nope that didn't seem to help. I have sent the file via the email address you provided. Hopefully there will be some clues as the what's going on.
Lizard: I followed your advice from another thread. It reduced my file from 6.7 Mb (and growing) to 56k! Yikes. That solves it. I guess this is a bug that will get fixed, but it's good to know the solution. This is what you advised on the other thread based on a known OF bug:

I checked in with the engineers. There's a bug that keeps the deleted files from getting removed from the database. Fortunately, you can force OmniFocus to clean up after itself.

1. In OmniFocus, choose Export from the File menu.
2. Choose a save location other than your usual backup location, so you can find this file again easily in a minute.
3. For file format, choose "OmniFocus Backup Document"
4. Save
5. Choose "Revert to Database Backup" from the File menu
6. Browse to the file you just saved in step 4 and click Open
I tried deleting the extra .client files for each machine I sync, but they kept reappearing after syncs. I decided to take a more drastic step (although simpler than looking through the .client files to figure out which is which). I first backedup up my OF database on my desktop machine. I then deleted the OmniFocus.ofocus file on MobileMe and then resynced on each machine. I then had one .client file for each machine. After a few more syncs, I again had multiple .sync files per machine (except for myiPhone which has never had more than one .client file). Any suggestions?

I sent this via Feedback also.


The fix in this thread doesn't apply anymore. OmniFocus (desktop) is now SUPPOSED to create multiple .client files. You don't need to worry about them.

Lizard - people are going to continue to read this thread and try to apply the "Lizard Fix", which is now obsolete. Should this thread be closed?
Thanks for the info beharkey. I'm glad to know there's not a problem with my setup. So every time I sync I'm supposed to get another .client file? I realized they're only about 1K a piece, but it seems strange to keep all of them. Do old ones ever go away automatically?

I just noticed my sync times getting longer on my iPhone so I was trying to reduce that.


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