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Multi-user, + a richer relational database with a bigger set record types and fields, progress modelling, and built-in mechanisms for attaching records of different types to each other (contacts, tasks, projects, opportunities, notes, appointments, groups, organisations etc.)

Geared for businesses rather than atomized individuals.

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Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
I've never seen Daylite. What does it provide that makes its project management capabilities superior, in your opinion?
Daylite is CRM software. It's good for a small workgroup, and really good with its mail integration where you can share things like emails that are sent to one user, but should be accessible by multiple users.

However, it's fairly complicated, not all that flexible IMO, and the effort to do simple things is way harder than it should be.

IMO, if you're not doing CRM with multiple users, it's overkill. I used it for about 1.5 years, and most of the time was wrestling with it.

I frankly use DEVONthink for notes/meetings/etc., and then track tasks and to-dos with OmniFocus. DEVONthink searches SO MUCH better than Daylite and thus can act CRM-ish for me in those respects.
I hate Daylite. I bought it but it was a mistake. I thought it was like act ! wich was a god software sadly non available on mac. Only Pc now. Th main trouble about daylite is that there is a file for the society (firm) and one by contact rattached or not to the firm. So when you sync it is a mess. Anyway the looking is poor and non efficient when you have your own firm. If you look for a good crm the best are on line or acts but use you pc partition. I got rid of Daylite and hope never see it again !
Any new news on this?

So here's the scoop - after being a faithful and adoring Omnifocus user I suddenly find myself needing to use daylite. I simply need to be able to delegate and track projects with multiple users in a way that Omnifocus can't.

So where's the problem?

I really miss omnifocus for my planning and organizing. The ability to group tasks into folders and phases is just too elegant in Omnifocus to do without.

The question:

Anyone come up with a way to use Omnifocus for task input/organization and automatically sync with Daylite? I've searched the forums and there was some chitchat back in 2008 but nothing recent.

Someone help me stay inside the beautiful interface that is OF!


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We've got a feature request open on this, but there are other requests that customers have requested more frequently. If you email the support ninjas and let them know you'd like this, they can attach you to this item in the development database. Thanks!
I use Omnifocus and Daylite and would love to see some sort of automatic sync between the two. Omnifocus is my primary task organizer and Daylite is my primary contact organizer (email and notes) so being able to somehow link these 2 programs would be great. I will email the support ninjas!
Flash forward to the end of 2012 - few more days left until 2013.
OmniFocus is now up to 1.10.4 and Daylite is now version 4.1.1 - and yet, it doesn't seem we are any closer to integration than we were in 2007!!!

I have been using OmniFocus for several years already (back and forth with Things in the very beginning) and continue to be a huge fan. Nevertheless, as others have mentioned within this thread, there are times my work life requires more. Specifically, the ability to trace the bits and pieces that make up the project's progress as I work on it. Daylite serves that need quite well. Though VERY far from perfect, I have searched for something similar for a very long time now that could satisfy my requirements and Daylite 4 seems to fill the gap. BUT, besides being a little cumbersome to perform easy tasks, there are too many areas that are redundant with OmniFocus. I work in an office where the company uses an Exchange server. I use mail and iCal and must use Outlook whenever I want to view other people's calendar (when will Apple fix that, I wonder). My iCal only syncs one category, the name of our server category, with the Exchange server's calendar. Daylite won't play with that. It makes its own category in iCal.

Secondly, it won't play with OmniFocus either. It would create more work than it is worth to have to enter every task in twice - once in OF and once in Daylite. Being organized should not sacrifice efficiency!

So, I agree that we should keep this thread alive and see if there is even a hope of reconciliation.
I've emailed the support ninjas as well, but just want to add my vote to this, and keep the thread alive.

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