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Originally Posted by johnwd3 View Post
To me OF is missing the ability to REMIND me of the key thing I said I was going to do next week at 11am on Thursday morning.
If you have the Growl library installed on your Mac, OmniFocus (as well as many other applications) can use it to pop up notifications that you can customize to suit your needs.

You can grab Growl here:

Add start dates to the actions you need reminders for, and you're set.

That said, my own personal use style is to use iCal for appointments and events I need "pushed" to me - this is especially important because third-party applications can't do pop-up notifications on the iPhone. iCal, however, can.

Last edited by Brian; 2009-01-16 at 03:51 PM.. Reason: add iPhone paragraph and make the growl address a link
Originally Posted by grichar1 View Post
Have you assigned contexts to specific iCal calendars? If yes, skip to 4. If not, step by step:
1. In "OF Preferences/Sync" all of your iCal calendars should appear in the left box. The top entry in this window is the default assignment "(Unsynchronized)".
2. Selecting that should show you all of your contexts in the right box (either OF defaults, or revised contexts as you've defined them).
3. Drag each context on the right to the appropriate iCal calendar on the left. This will determine the specific calendar in iCal in which To-Do items are listed. [The outstanding issue (to my view) is what happens to new tasks created in iCal/Mail (or other programs that feed the sync pipe from that end). If they're assigned to an iCal calendar that has no contexts attached to it, they will not appear in the OF inbox. If you assign them to an iCal calendar that does have a context associated with it, they will appear in the inbox with that context assigned. If you have multiple contexts assigned to the calendar, they will appear in the first one. (Nice feature I just discovered: If you append "[Project name]" (with brackets but not quotes) to title of task created in mail or ical and OF will pre-assign the right task and file it for you. Good if you have short, easily remembered project titles.
4. If you have already assigned contexts, check the integrity of that assignment by clicking on the assigned iCal calendar. The assigned contexts should reappear in the right window. If they don't (this has happened to me twice), click reset in the lower left to put all contexts back in the (Unsynchronized) box and start over.

Hope this helps.
I have read, spent, tried every ways to fix the situation, which iCal and OF don't talk to each other at all.. (iPhone OF and Mac one talk to each other just fine)

OF won't even sync with Mobile Me.

I spent good 5 hours.. trying to fix the situation and...

one of the reason why I paid for this program was the capability of sync with iCal but.. (cuz I really need that!)

it's really really frustrating.. HELP?
Have you tried the most important step of all, which is sending email to
Folks sometimes think that the OmniFocus-to-OmniFocus sync also syncs with iCal - but that's not the case; you want to select File -> Synchronize with iCal to send the data over.

The other thing that folks don't always realize is that actions in OmniFocus are synced to the ToDo database, not the calendar database. (See extensive discussion of this in other posts on the forums.) In iCal, if you select View -> Show ToDo List... do your actions appear?

If not, then you'll definitely want to contact the support ninjas. OmniFocus and iCal both talk to a part of Mac OS X (called Sync Services) that can be somewhat tempermental. The ninjas can help you get it un-stuck.

Apologies if you've tried all this already - I couldn't really tell what you had or had not tried before posting.
Thanks for the replies,

However, I tried all that as Brian mentioned.

Now, after trying for some (after the previous post) I gave up and stopped trying.

Last night, I just opened OF and iCal, just to see, then there they were!

iCal's todo had OF's lists or tasks!! however u call them.

I don't know how, and why but, somehow, it worked.... like after 12+ hours...

so... I can't really say what made it to work but...

all I can say for my case is...
I did all the steps that was discussed in this forum and on other sites..
gave it about 12+ hours... then it work...

hahaha.... I'm just happy it works now... lol
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
Folks sometimes think that the OmniFocus-to-OmniFocus sync also syncs with iCal - but that's not the case; you want to select File -> Synchronize with iCal to send the data over.
Hi Brian,

I have a question regarding OmniFocus-to-OmniFocus syncing AND OmniFocus-to-iCal syncing AND .me calendar sync.

I have OF-to-OF setup for 3 computers + iPhone. I also sync my computers (calendars, contacts etc) via .me.

How should I handle OF-to-iCal syncing, should I enable it just on one of the computers or can I have it enabled on all of the computers.

Best regards,
I have a feeling that the MobileMe calendar sync only syncs the event database, not the to-do database. If that's the case, you'll need to do the iCal sync on each machine.

Here's what I'd recommend - do an OF -> iCal sync on one machine. Sync that machine with MobileMe. Next, sync another one of your machines with MobileMe, then open up the iCal To Do list on that second machine; did the OmniFocus items show up?

If not, you'll need to set up and carry out the iCal sync separately on your machines...
Resetting sync services via the Terminal seemed to work for me. We'll see if it holds.

My ical sync worked perfectly for about a year and then just stopped one day. Now I sync with ical and nothing happens. I don't get any error messages, it looks like its worked but no tasks go across.

I've read this thread and the previous one and tried everything listed including:
using the script to resetting in terminal and isync
check, uncheck and delete birthdays
check and uncheck add blocked action to calendars
and still nothing happens.
I have reset (in omni under the calendar tab) but now it doesn't bring up all the calendars that are currently in ical.
I tried creating a new calendar in ical but it doesn't appear either.
i seem to be moving backwards. Please help.
Sync services can be a fickle beast; we can generally get folks up and running again, but it's not always a forum-friendly process. (If we need to get console reports, for example, it's a bunch of information that other forum visitors aren't interested in.)

If you email the support ninjas, we'll be happy to help.

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