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Scripts for Integrating OmniFocus with DEVONthink 2 Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
In the meanwhile, what is your hardware and software platform ? My first impression is that this is a timing issue ...
Latest of everything - macbook pro 15", 10.6.7 . Thanks!!
I have posted first drafts of a rewrite of two OmniFocus-DevonThink integration scripts at (See - Experimental version 2)
  • Open oo3 project notes in DevonThink for the selected OF project
  • Open a DevonThink folder for the selected OF project

These early drafts mainly aim to allow for more flexibility, doing away with the need to maintain parallel folder structures in DevonThink and OmniFocus.

(They achieve this by storing hyperlinks, in the OF project note field, to folders and oo3 documents in a DT database. When folders and oo3 notes documents are first created, they are, as before, initially given a DT folder path which matches the project folder path in OmniFocus. The use of DT hyperlinks means, however, that subsequent rearrangements of folder nesting, whether in DT or OF or both, will not break the link between the OF projects and the corresponding materials in DT).

Another goal of the redrafts is to address some reports of error messages arising when the "open project notes" script is finding or creating its oo3 notes.

(Using hyperlinks should improve the reliability of finding the notes, which no longer depends on file-paths remaining static within the DT database. In addition the mechanism used for creating a fresh oo3 note file has changed. Fresh note files are no longer copied from an .oo3template file in ~/Library/Application Support/OmniOutliner 3/Templates.

Instead, the script tries to copy the new note file from a document called Default.oo3 in the same folder as the script. If no such file is found, the new oo3 file is based on a Default.oo3 inside the script bundle.

Users who wish their notes files to have particular fonts and layout should, therefore, prepare a blank sample, and save it as Default.oo3 to the folder in which the script is stored).

As this is an early draft, there will be bugs, and anyone choosing to experiment with these scripts should back their data up. Bug reports will be welcome, and should be sent to houthakker72 at


Last edited by RobTrew; 2012-11-19 at 10:44 AM..
I've updated the Save2DevnAs003 (OmniFocus to DT2) script to fix an issue which, on some systems, could lead to error messages relating to the oo3 file.

[I plan, at some point this boreal summer, to edit this (and the Save2DevnAsTXT script) so that they find/create links to DT2 project folders, and are no longer dependent on maintaining parallel folder structures in OF and DT.

If this seems useful, and I don't appear to have done it, you can try reminding me at houthakker72, which is a gmail address]

Last edited by RobTrew; 2012-11-19 at 10:45 AM..
I have added a simple utility script to this collection.

SetDBforOmniFocusFolder allows you to choose which DEVONthink database will be used for the selected OmniFocus folder. The default is “OmniFocus Notes”, but this script will offer you a list of the databases currently open in DT, and will store the path of the database you choose in the invisible note field of the selected OF Folder.

The OpenProjFolderinDevon and OpenProjNotesinDevon scripts will then use the specified database for all projects enclosed by that folder and its child folders. (Except where any of these have been given their own database assignment by this script).

Last edited by RobTrew; 2012-11-19 at 10:45 AM..
Hi Rob,
I'm very new to DevonThink, Omnifocus, and scripting, so this I may be missing something absolutely obvious.
I've installed all 5 scripts in the tool bar of omnifocus. I get the Save2Devn and OpenProj ... scripts to work as advertised (except on first run it seems to think that YOU are still a user on my machine. This cleared up after opening AppleScript editor and resaving the scripts).

However, nothing happens at all when I try to run the SetDBforOmniFocusFolder script. I was under the impression I should see a menu somewhere, but no joy.

I'm running all of this on os x 10.7.2 (lion) on a 2011 macbook air.

Thanks for any help ..
Kind Regards

Originally Posted by Paul_A View Post
This cleared up after opening AppleScript editor and resaving the scripts
Thanks for that report - sounds like I need to distribute in uncompiled text form.

Originally Posted by Paul_A View Post
However, nothing happens at all when I try to run the SetDBforOmniFocusFolder script. I was under the impression I should see a menu somewhere
Are you selecting a folder in OF before you run it ?
(It won't do anything if no folder is selected)
RobTrew--- The link you were using to share the scripts is no longer valid as mobileme has been decommissioned. Are you still sharing the scripts at a new location? If not, perhaps a publicly-accessible folder? I would really like to get my hands on the scripts; they sound like a complete fit for what I'm looking for. ---Cheers, Dimitri
Thanks for giving the link. I've been through the earlier posts in the thread and generally reset them to this shortcut.
Thank you!

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