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Thanks so much for clarifying that! (Sorry to take so long to respond.) Just collapsing all the rows, then selecting them using Command-A works perfectly.
Originally Posted by James Carl View Post
I am completely shocked that being able to export an outline to OO isn't a feature built right into Onmifocus.
I'm also pretty shocked: I bought OF for iPhone, then for Mac, then for iPad, then OO for iPad... Costs are going up! Then I needed to do mass work on OF items like collecting them, reorganizing them and working on a draft document, so I wanted to move all those items to OO. Not easy on an iPad nor iPhone... So I decided to go for OO on Mac and I paid an extra 39$... Just to discover that it does not easily import OF files, nor any exportable file by OF!

*Very* frustrating... I feel my data is trapped. Please don't become a new Microsoft... Omni group, can you do something? Simply exporting a number of tasks from OF to OO. Can't be that hard!? Did I miss something?

Please help!
I read the whole thread and it does not work for me (OF 1.9.4, OO 3.10.3, OSX 10.7.2, OF2OO script: Illustrative draft Ver 0.5).

I select a project (named MIMS) in OF then click on the right, select all and click on the icon of the script (see illustration at OO is launched but nothing appears in it. Just a blank outline. I just bought OO just for that... :-/

Did I miss something? Can someone help?


PS1: I replaced "OmniOutliner Professional" by "OmniOutliner" in the script (seems to work since OO is launched)
PS2: IMG tags in this forum don't seem to work (there is one above the word "Thanks")

Last edited by vincentkeunen; 2011-12-28 at 01:14 PM..
It's pretty rare, in my experience, that one of Rob's scripts doesn't work when correctly installed and invoked, unless I'm the one doing it :-)

I made a sample project:

I modified the script to invoke OmniOutliner instead of OO Pro, saved it (as type Script), and added the script to my OF toolbar.

I then selected the project by clicking on the top row on the right hand side of the OmniFocus window.

Finally, I invoked the OF2OO script by clicking its toolbar button, and got this in OmniOutliner:

I opened the note on that first action so you could see that the note field came across as well.

Now, both Rob and I use Snow Leopard, and there is a possibility that this is something that is a Lion-only bug. If I encounter a Lion machine where I can install OmniFocus, I'll try it out and report back.

By the way, those images come to you via IMG tags. Something like this should work (replace "I MG" with "IMG", I needed to keep the forum software from thinking I had too many images in the post):

[I MG][/I MG]
As for your data being trapped, it's all there in an easily readable XML format, with no attempt made to lock you in. OmniFocus has essentially the same outlining operations available as OmniOutliner, so if the ultimate destination is OmniFocus, I'd skip the trip to OmniOutliner. Otherwise, in my experience Rob's script works well to go to OmniOutliner, and he has variants for some other apps as well. It should be possible to modify his script to emit documents for just about any scriptable app that allows creation of rows via the scripting interface. If you aren't happy with your OO purchase, contact within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
Thanks for your quick reply!

1/ do you use all the same versions as I use ? (except Lion)
2/ I retried today and got no luck - and no error !?
3/ about the IMG tag: I used the "Insert image" button in the edit box and this button added the IMG tags. I checked (by doing an Edit of my message) to verify and it does contain IMG, not I MG tags... So I suppose they are right but they don't show correctly !?
4/ thank you for offering to refund - since you have a great support and I still hope to manage that transfer, I won't ask the be reimbursed for the moment! :-)

Note: when I launch OF, select the project then click the script, OO does launch but without importing the data. However, when I then quit OO and retry clicking the script, nothing happens (OO does not get launched again). I need to quit OF and relaunch it so that when I click on the script, OO is launched... Maybe a related problem? Scripting on Lion has maybe changed more than we think?
Another wierd thing that might help debug:

I noticed the icon "OFQuickStats" in your screenshots. So I installed it. I also tried to invoke the scripts from the script menu instead of from the toolbar (in case this could be the problem).


When, in the script menu, I select OFQuickStats, I get the stats correctly.

BUT when I click "OF2OO" (while selecting the MIMS project), then the AppleScript editor opens to the OF2OO script, instead of executing it!? Is that an hint?
Originally Posted by vincentkeunen View Post

BUT when I click "OF2OO" (while selecting the MIMS project), then the AppleScript editor opens to the OF2OO script, instead of executing it!? Is that an hint?
Probably. I did include a screenshot showing the settings you need when saving the script so that it will be executable. Have a look at it and try again with those settings, assuming they look the same in Lion.

You could simply run the script from the Script Editor to establish that the functionality isn't broken in Lion and worry about how t invoke it conveniently as a separate matter.

Has anyone tried working with this script to output a perspective to OO?

My use-case is that I have a perpective that shows which actions I have either delegated to team-mates or need to speak to them about. (Jim or @Jim)

As part of my weekly progress, I like to send a listing out of what everyone is doing or will be doing in.

I have found the current set of printing or export capabilities inadequate but if I could export a context focussed perspective (containing project, context & action start/ end dates information) to OO, then I could work with that.
Originally Posted by Finlay Boo View Post
As part of my weekly progress, I like to send a listing out of what everyone is doing or will be doing in.
You can generate a custom (text) report with something like OF-AQL.
Assuming that OF-AQL.scpt has been copied to ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus/OF-AQL.scpt

You could then generate an email with a script like:
property pstrTitle : "Active Projects"
property pstrQuery : "select folder, name, due date from projects where completed is false and status=active"
property pstrPath : "~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus/OF-AQL.scpt"

on run
	set strReport to do shell script "osascript " & pstrPath & space & quoted form of pstrQuery & space & quoted form of pstrTitle
	tell application id ""
		set oMsg to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:pstrTitle & space & (current date), content:strReport, visible:true}
	end tell
end run

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