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I just finished 6 sheets of diagrams for a project I'm working on (I was going to import it into Word 2007 from Visio 2007).

It's fairly simple stuff...only lines and boxes and text.

After goofing around in Visio 2007 with the drawing to see what the heck was going on, I discovered that you guys are exporting lines as right-angle connectors!! The drawing looks fine in Visio --- that is --- until you try to move any diagonal line... that really shows the mistake.

I found this out the hard was when I imported the Visio sheets using copy/paste into Word 2007. BAM. All the lines went screwy as they immediately attempted to reconnect themselves as right-angles (especially all the lines that were running diagonal!).

PLEEEEEEEZE fix this. I had to run through all my drawings changing the line types in Visio 2007. It took me several hours.
You're forgetting to CLEAR LINE JUMPS for lines!

It's a behaviour setting that applies to each line.

I set it to NEVER, and the drawing problems regarding jumps went away.

So.. to summarize...

You need to change the Behaviour setting for lines to NEVER, and Line Type to Straight-Connector.
I posted about a possible bug, but then I reviewed what others were asking and though, well, maybe I don't have enough information about how OG works to make a judgment about a bug.

So, let me ask:

When I export to Visio2007, are there setting in OG that set how lines will be exported?

For example, the line hop settings and line type?

As previously mentioned, the diagrams look fantastic in OG, but when they arrive at Visio, Visio thinks the lines should have line hops and right angle connector line types.

There are no settings on export, however we're aware of the line hop problem as well as the fact that Visio does in fact support non-orthogonal connectors. (remarkably enough, that wasn't found until just recently)
"Vroom! Vroom!!"

I guess you guys will work it out then ...

BTW, I ***LOVE*** this tool. Every time I use it, I swear this is the best graphics tool possible. This export to Visio is going to make this thing unbeatable over the long haul (I hate Visio, but everything at work is Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft....yechhhhh)

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