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I am trying to set up a repeating weekly project that does the following:
Mon: Reminder to begin drafting report
Wed: Review/edit draft Report
Thu: Submit report

I have the project as sequential. I want to only see the action for that day. But, if I set the due date on the project, and not the tasks, I see both the project AND all tasks in the Forecast view on the due date.

Is there a way to set this up so that it is sequential. It repeats weekly on the appropriate days, and shows me only the next step in Forecast view on iPad and iPhone?

Thanks much, mj
I noticed this behavior of repeating "projects" rather than the individual actions.

Here is my advice:

1. Set repeats on each action (i.e. Monday actions repeat every Monday)
2. Set the Start Date for each task to be at the open of the business day on that day. That way, when you select "available" actions, you won't see those scheduled, repeating actions until the day they are "actionable".

This approach has helped me a bit, but I needed to create a new perspective that showed All actions under each project for review (and preview) purposes.

Hope this helps.
FWIW, my thoughts are

Weekly Report [project, repeat every week, start Monday morning, due Thursday evening, sequential]
- draft report
- review draft
- complete report
- submit report

Can't see why you would set start dates on individual tasks unless something outside demands. But then, that could be handled by a [Wait For] context, for example

Weekly Report ...
- draft report
- review draft
- send report for comments
- get comments back [context - Wait For Colleagues]
- complete report
- submit report

Otherwise, I would have to ask why you have a problem seeing all Tasks in the Project on the DUE DATE for that Project. That to me only means, you have not done everything that you determined was required by the Due Date that you said it was required. So, you SHOULD see everything to meet the deadline that you imposed!

Perhaps you mean instead that, after the Weekly Reports Project starts, you want to hide all Tasks in Forecast views from Monday through Thursday EXCEPT for the immediate NEXT ACTION task. That is not possible as far as I know. You need a custom Perspective.

Am I missing something?
Thanks all for the thoughts. Seems that putting the start or due dates on the individual actions, rather than the project is the way to go. It's true that they all show up in the forecast view, but by putting times to the actions, they show sequentially. I thought that I was missing something in Forecast view, but it seems to be the limiting factor. Of course, I may play with that custom perspective just to fiddle a bit more with it. Appreciate the help on this.
I do something similar but use a perspective to view the Project. I actually do this for my daily and weekly review checklists.

My checklists are daily or weekly repeating lists, Using the daily one as an example I have a series of actions to work through but only want to see them one at a time in the correct order.

To create the checklist Perspective, I focus on the Daily Checklist Project and have the Availability set to next action.

In the project I only have the main Project having a start and finish date. I use three sub projects running throughout the day.
1. Morning Checklst
2. Late Afternoon Review Checklist
3. Evening Planning Checklist

all three sub projects are set to run in parallel but each has a different start and end times so become available at different times of day. Each subproject is then made up of various individual sequential actions. These are then fed to me one at a time via the perspective. As I mark one off the next action appears. When all the sub actions are completed, with say the Morning Checklist, the checklist itself is automatically marked complete and triggers the whole sub project to repeat. (ie via Inspector - Mark complete when completing last action)
The repeat then causes the subproject to reappear tomorrow.
In the afternoon the same perspective then gets populated by my afternoon review checklist, again one item at a time.

My morning list is available from midnight to 11am but I usually have it done by 8:30am It will then remain empty until the afternoon one triggers at start time of 13:00 - with a due time of 16:00. I usually complete this before leaving work. Then at home in the evening the last one triggers the actions between 18:00 and 22:00

The above probably sounds complicated but it does work really well for my set up.

Unfortunately all of the actions and the project group will still show up in the forecast though as these are picked up by the project due date in forecast rather than the Availability filters which in the other views you can use to hide unavailable tasks

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