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yep- so definitely +1

Omni- stop doing what yer doing and hand over Omnifocus 2- I simply can't stand the discrepancy of using my iPad and then going back to the 80's- flavoured OF1 interface on the Mac

Seriously, what is keeping you guys? You already KNOW the ipad/iphone interface is amazing... make it available on Mountain Lion, please...
Oh yes! It is so time for the 2.0 Beta! I can't wait for the Notification Centre support!
I am having a hard time justifying using a program that cannot share the same workflow across my mac/ipad/iphone. Sadly OF on the mac falls way behind the utility of OF on iPad/iPhone.
Originally Posted by omni_user View Post
I am having a hard time justifying using a program that cannot share the same workflow across my mac/ipad/iphone. Sadly OF on the mac falls way behind the utility of OF on iPad/iPhone.
When you have a moment, could you let me know how to do the following on the iOS apps?
  • Construct a perspective
  • Use a perspective based on project view
  • Edit multiple items simultaneously
  • Use a calendar view to choose a date
  • Clip data from email, web browser, and other applications
  • Inject actions via email
  • Use timestamps in notes without purchase of 3rd party software
  • Drag and drop actions from Inbox and projects to any other project
  • View only selected projects or contexts
  • Control whether a project auto-completes when last task completed
  • Apply formatting to note text
  • Review only select classes of projects (stalled, active, pending)
  • Change next review date on one or more projects
  • View notes from multiple actions simultaneously
  • Do a search that also searches contents of notes
  • Customize annunciators to show projects/contexts with actions
  • Customize formatting of projects, actions, etc.
  • Use scripting to extend the program's features
  • Export the database to another app
  • Archive old, completed tasks
  • View archived tasks

Those are all things I've had to do on the Mac in the last week or so because I couldn't do them on the iPad.

Now, there are a few things that can be done more easily on the iOS apps, such as nudging dates around (so long as you don't have too many to do, as you'll be doing each one individually!) and there are a few more things (maps and location configuration) that are only supported on iOS (though some of it only applies if you have sufficiently new hardware). Forecast view can be replicated with a pair of perspectives on the Mac, and I've been doing so since before Forecast view made its first appearance. But make no mistake about it all of the Omni iOS apps have been created by taking what was viewed as the minimum necessary set of features from the Mac application and building an app with a multitouch user interface to deliver that functionality. In no case does the iOS app surpass the Mac app in overall capability. Frankly, I'm rather worried that OmniFocus 2 will take that same minimalist approach with some hand-waving about how only a few customers wanted the features that were left out. A sporty two-seat convertible is fun to drive, to be sure, but it's not a practical upgrade from or replacement for a truck when you regularly need to move large, heavy cargo.
Originally Posted by Jay6821 View Post
It's time for a sneeky peak for version 2.0

(Is this 10 characters yet?)
+1111! Count me too..
+1 Me too!
agreed...let's do it
Originally Posted by omnimonster View Post
agreed...let's do it
Ok, you go first.
Thanks for the feedback, folks, but I need to remind you that "+1" and other content-free posts like the ones in this thread are against our forum rules. Please don't do it.

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