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From the help file it seems that OmniFocus can import OmniOutliner— can it import anything else?

I have three detailed projects that I have decided that I want to delegate. I've exported it in the available files available for export.

How do I share this projects? It seems crazy to have the person I delegate the project to have to type in 25 Next Actions, dates, and notes!
Originally Posted by steve View Post
I have three detailed projects that I have decided that I want to delegate. I've exported it in the available files available for export.
I'm afraid I can't parse that last sentence. Could you rephrase it?

It looks like there are several export formats. Have you tried exporting to one of them and then tried importing the exported files? Perhaps that's what you meant and I'm not understanding.

simplest way is CSV export , then a spread sheet or any program that can read CSV files can open it and display the data .
Curt- Yes, that was an odd construction— Let me try again:

I have 3 projects I have defined in OmniFocus. I want to export them and email the exported document to a colleague. I then want my colleague to import that file to her OmniFocus file so that she can finish the 3 projects.

OmniFocus exports to OmniFocus, TaskPaper, HTML, CSV, OF Backup, OF Archive. I have exported to these formats and then tried to import them into my colleagues OmniFocus document. None of the export formats seem to import back into OmnFocus.

ext555, yes the CSC opens up in a spreadsheet on my colleagues computer, but then how do I get that data into her OmniFocus document.

Bottom line— My colleague uses OmniFocus. I don't want her to have to retype something that I have already worked hard to define.

Sorry I wasn't clear before!

Any tips, tricks, or hacks would be appreciated.

oh if they have omni focus , you can export in omni focus format , and then they just import it .. then just have them move the projects and actions to their main outline .
Do you know how to set up perspectives ? If so just set up a perspective focusing on that project or projects .. then just choose file -export and it will export only the perspective .

oops I read further and I see that didn't work for you .. not sure why it wouldn't .. Omni focus imports into Omni Plan just fine ..
I'll have to try it and see .

strange , it won't import omni focus docs ..I'd classify that a bug ?
It should be able to read it's own data .. email the ninjas @omni .

Last edited by ext555; 2008-10-25 at 08:22 AM..
I had most of a response drafted saying that this was sort of a gaping hole in the lineup, that the only way you could do this without a bunch of typing was to export to CSV, import with OmniPlan, export to OmniOutliner 3 format, then import and add the contexts. Then I came to my senses :-)

Here's how you can export a project from one OmniFocus user to another without losing anything or doing any typing:

In the donor's OmniFocus, select the project(s) to be exported. Export them in OmniFocus Archive format. Deliver that file to the recipient by SneakerNet or Express yak courier or email or whatever. The recipient opens up OmniFocus normally, then double-clicks on the OmniFocus archive file in the Finder, which will cause OmniFocus to open another window containing the contents of that file. Select the project(s) and drag them into the outline of the usual main window. Dragging them into the sidebar doesn't seem to work for some reason.

A cautionary note: you may get multiple copies of contexts this way. If you do, for each duplicated context, select both contexts (original and duplicate) in the sidebar, group by context, and drag all the actions from the "new" context to the old one. Repeat for all affected contexts, then delete the "new" contexts when they are empty.
oh yeah Duh ! I forgot about the archive files ..

guess I'm too busy checking with Mom at the app store about the next update ; )
Thanks for all of your help with this. Unfortunately:

1) Omnifocus can't import an Omnifocus file. I will report a bug.
2) Even though I am focused on a project, all of my projects are exported.

Unless someone else gets it to work or has another idea, I would agree with whpalmer4's original assessment:
this was sort of a gaping hole in the lineup
FWIW I use a pair of Applescripts to export and import in Taskpaper format (there are still a few issues with Omni's version of Taskpaper export)


Thanks, Rob. I'll check those out. I have flirted with task paper for awhile. For me it gets very problematic when I have to get into applescripts for the people I collaborate with. . .

I just need simple export and import from and to various programs. I know that OF is a personal management system, but the reality of life is people need to delegate projects. I'm not looking for a full blown project management system (although it would be nice). . . I've just completed an intense and detailed project and now a colleague who is an OmniFocus user needs to replicate the same steps.

Does anyone have other thoughts? Does this jam up anyone else?

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