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Originally Posted by c.nick View Post
I can't understand why people keep discribing all sorts of WORKAROUNDS to cope with missing features of the product. After all we love our OmniGroup products because they offer great FUNCTIONALITY instead of the hassle with workarounds in the first place.
Because most of us don't have the ability to make changes to Omni's source code to implement that functionality, and yet are interested in using the product, we do what we can discuss workarounds, and encourage others to send in feedback requesting changes.
I'm sure most of us figure out their own workarounds for whatever they feel missing on the feature list so far.
And yet, there are numerous posts asking "how do I do X?" and often only small differences in X change the answer from a matter of describing how a feature works to suggesting a workaround. Allow me to apologize for the many posters who thought they may have missed something while learning the program and didn't realize they would pollute the purity of the forum experience by talking about workarounds rather than page numbers where the answer could be found!

Heaven forbid anyone should be interested in learning how to approximate some desired functionality with the resources at hand while waiting for Omni to deliver a native version.
I engage here not to discuss workarounds but to find the leanest and meanest possible ways how to implement and enhance features.

If I wanted to discuss all the needs and possibilities of workarounds over workarounds of workarounds I'd have more food for thought on the Things forums ;-)
As long as we are here, let's hear some of your ideas for lean and mean ways to implement richer repeat options. Can you offer any improvements on iCal's custom repeats? Any unusual repeat patterns that you would like supported?
One more vote for this feature! Would love to be able to repeat a task, say "starting on the last Monday of each month, and due on the last Friday of the month."
I would also REALLY REALLY like to see this feature added. I don't want to use iCal/Calendar to remind me of non time specific things as the repeating task is part of a greater list of things I need to get done in a specific order.

It seems to be a relatively trivial feature to add, but one which most people would find incredibly useful.
I would like to vote for this feature.
Thank you,
Originally Posted by c.nick View Post
Dear OmniFolks, what between earth and sky keeps you from implementing such a basic function? Schedules like these simple examples are absolutly common in many occasions: Financial deadlines, sports schedules, deadlines for writers, school and university schedules, business reporting, - the world is full of "needs to be completed by every 3rd friday of the month"...

The only "reason" I can think of is that you probably want to keep the program as simple as possible. OF is all about simplicity and "not getting in your way".

But friends, if I as a user need to remind myself every single week or every second month - or so - and think of this and build workarounds in order to not forget and to perform a very common recurring task - then I must say: It would be MUCH simpler for me if you could add a button for that.

It's the workflow, st... sweetheart ;-)

Cheers, Christian

This sums up my feelings about this issue very well. This functionality seems so basic and obvious I'm still surprised that it wasn't part of the 1.0 release.

OmniFocus is a fantastic and powerful application, I just hope this problem will be resolved soon :)
Hopefully this might be the correct thread for this, but one feature that I'm missing from a recurring action is to recur until a specific date. For instance, I'd like the action to recur every 1 day until a specfied date (or time for that matter).

I hope I haven't missed some preference for this.


Steve, you haven't missed it, it isn't there...use Help->Send Feedback to send in a feature request, and maybe we'll get it one of these days.

In the meantime, what I do is set a separate action with a start date to remind me to cancel the repeating action (if it has lots of repeats), or just enter duplicate, non-repeating actions with start dates (if there are only a few).
Originally Posted by TimothyMDean View Post
It would be really nice if the repeat settings for an action were a little more robust. Many tools I've worked with allow recurring events to be scheduled on things like the first Tuesday of the month, the last day of the month, etc.
That was November 2007.

But hey, some time last year we got redesigned icons!

I understand that Omni needs to prioritise. And I think they're generally doing a fabulous job there, including explaining why what gets prioritised.

It's only here that I don't get why a rather surprising redesign seemed more important than a basic feature, that's relevant to many practical use scenarios.

Let's wait for 2.0 and keep fingers crossed.

Chris, that's much like asking why my yard was mowed yesterday instead of the kitchen getting cleaned up. The guy who cuts the grass (or in this case, designs the icons) is not the person who cleans the kitchen (writes user interface code).
Fair point. So, take away the comparison with the redesign.
Reduce it to the observation that struck me:


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