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Regarding the summary dots in OF2 for iPhone, I think they were meant to give the user a quick visual feel as to how many outstanding tasks there are per project. The problem with my setup is that I typically have a large number of repeating tasks in each project. Unfortunately, OF2 will still display those annoying dots, even when those tasks are not available (i.e. completed and waiting for the next time they reappear in the list, the next "defer until" time). The end result is that most of my projects have a large number of dots which just clutters the display and adds no added benefit.

Why can't the app simply adjust the summary dots display based on the view setting (i.e. if I have completed all my repeating tasks, and I set it to available only, then no summary dots should appear). Setting the view to remaining would show all repeating tasks if they are not available.

Am I missing something?
Before shipping, we discussed whether the dots should match the filter, or show all remaining items. Our goal was a "gut sense" of the project that would be unlikely to confuse people.

The behavior we settled on ensures that a project won't be underestimated based on a view filter that implies "all is well" when the project's hidden actions really want attention.

When we get back to developing the iPhone app, it may be worth taking the time to add the additional view behavior as an option for those who are more bothered by the clutter and not so concerned about being misled by a filtered state.
Originally Posted by Lizard View Post
Before shipping, we discussed ...

When we get back to developing the iPhone app ...

IMHO, a computer app should be programmed to do only exactly to the letter what you ask of it considering everything you give it, not presume to think that you mean for it to do something that someone else thinks is better for you in spite of what you have given it, even as consistent as that therefore incongruent behavior may be.

The state of behavior to "do it only this way regardless of what I am told" should be a change made by a user's preference, not visa-versa as is proposed to be _perhaps_ worth (just) discussing in the "When we get back to [it] ..." case.

The incongruent behavior of badging tasks associated with a project (over-counting action groups as additional tasks) is consistently anxious-laden enough for me in OF1 to switch off and ignore badging almost entirely throughout.

The decision to count all dots regardless offers yet another reason for me to wait on further refinements to OF2 before upgrading.
And if the arithmetic glitches can be fixed, do add an option for dark backgrounds and inversion of the deference.

The colored data dots will look much better and more readable against a dark or neutral background they're wasted on harsh white.
+ 1 to this. As they are now, the dots are completely useless.
Thanks for letting us know that the current behavior of the dots is not useful for you.
I think Omnifocus for iPhone 2 is a real improvement overall, including the dots, but I share the reservations about the number of dots displayed. I would be much happier if the number of dots reflected the view filter.

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