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I've been trying the latest 5.7 sneaky-peeks as my primary browser, and the problem with 5.6 continues: "high" cpu usage at idle. After using the browser for a while (say 5+ hours of running), even without a window being opened, Omniweb will use 7-10% of the CPU. I've tested this on intel and ppc machines.

I reported this issue 18+ months ago relative to 5.6, and they thought it was a javascript issue. Not sure why it remains though. Safari doesn't do this (though it sucks up memory like nothing after days of usage).

Anyone else notice this?
Are you using more than one workspace? Do you have any bookmarks set to update, share...?
My CPU usage is actually higher than this, especially if I have any Google apps open (Gmail, Calendar, or Reader). (And that's with two workspaces max, no updating bookmarks, and no sharing or syncing.) It usually takes three or four hours to make its way into the 70-90% range, and while I can bring it down by closing those tabs, it's a real pain in the neck to do that several times a day. (It has become clear that I can either use OmniWeb or use Google apps. There are problems that all WebKit browsers have with Google's apps, though OmniWeb has a lot more of them than Safari, and it's unlikely that Google will ever support WebKit fully.)

Without anything Googly open, my OmniWeb CPU usage still climbs, and eventually gets close to 100%, but it takes longer. Still, it's a daily occurrence. I love OmniWeb, but I can't keep using it under these conditions.
Do you have a lot of pages open? Each of those pages can have animations or other software running which take cycles to run. Open up enough pages and it can use up a meaningful amount of your cpu.
Don't know about atomicham, but in my case, no -- five or six pages, usually, and most of them static.
Like Ayjay, I use 5 pages as my standard and usually is GCal is one. I have also noticed in the past month over the course of an hour or so things screech to a halt with OW the CPU percentage is over 100%. I switched to OW because FF is so leaky. Now I resorted to Safari for all day affairs. Bleck

BTW: the newest Safari is incredibly faster than OW 5.7sp, which was NOT that apparent even in the fall, after Safari 3.x release.
Do you happen to have links for those five pages? I would be interested in inspecting them.
First two seem fine, though I don't have a Google calendar setup.

The last three could be problematic. The goldrush one locks up OW (SBBOD) when I hit "Load All Images"

The BBC site also has potential to cause some problems. But the last link contains over 100KB of javascript. Typically one finds CPU cycles getting sucked up from poorly written JavaScript or from poorly built Flash elements and Flash ads.

I'll leave those links open on my machine and see what happens.
It's been over an hour with those five sites up, as well as a dozen tabs from a half dozen other sites. CPU usage is still in the 1-3% range.

Dual 2.7 G5.

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