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I know you have your priorities, and am glad you have embraced location-based GTD on the iPhone app, but it has been a very long time now that this functionality has been totally MIA on the mac app.

About time to get the mac application up to speed in terms of being able to map contexts to locations, no?

Totally bummed that I can't even see what location is mapped to a context (as defined by how I set it up on the iPhone), much less edit/create them within the mac app.
I too am eager for the ability to manage locations in the Mac version.

BK0001, please I hope you email Omni support to vote on this feature.
We'd love to add this, but while the Mac SDK does provide services for determining your current location (as a latitude and longitude), it doesn't have any API for turning that location into an address (or an address into a location), or for displaying or picking a location on a map.

That doesn't mean that we couldn't build something ourselves (presumably licensing access to some third party maps and geocoding services), but it's not a simple exercise—and it's a much lower priority than some other features like adding Forecast and Review modes.

I think the request, and this is also my opinion, is to allow managing the geo-location data inside the context.

Those options have been, oddly, missing in the mac app.
Originally Posted by vfatia View Post
I think the request, and this is also my opinion, is to allow managing the geo-location data inside the context.

Those options have been, oddly, missing in the mac app.
Sorry if my earlier message didn't address this clearly enough!

The reason those options are missing in the Mac app is because you'd want to manage locations using a map or by looking up addresses, rather than reading and entering two numbers representing a location's precise latitude and longitude. The iPhone and iPad have built-in support for maps and converting addresses (also known as "geocoding"), but the Mac doesn't have anything built-in which is made available to third party developers.

Perhaps in 10.8 Apple will add SDK support for maps and converting addresses, making it as easy to add support for this on the Mac as it was to add support for it on iOS devices.
Thanks for the response, Ken. I presume you have looked at options for geocoding / translating address to lat/lng via google's API and for some reason that won't work. Doing this via google's API in my experience is pretty straightforward - we geocode all our customer addresses via this so we can then plot them on a map.

I see that the Reminders app in Mountain Lion includes geofencing by address. Is this api available to you to include this feature in a future release more easily? Add me to the list of people saying "pleeeeeze"!

Regardless of whether 10.8 makes this easier to support or not, I've made sure that all the feedback in this thread has been captured into our development database. Thanks, all!
You can run an applescript which picks up the longitude and latitude of the current view in Google Earth, and applies them to the context(s) currently selected in OmniFocus.

You can also view the location of a selected OF context in Google Earth.

(A way of checking that you have set the right latitude and longitude. The view will be centred on coordinates specified in the context's location.)


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Originally Posted by Brian View Post
has been captured into our development database
PS I was prompted to post that reminder of 'interim' scripts by the slight chill I always feel when I read the ominous phrase:
has been captured into our development database ...
Which, for some reason, always stirs uneasy thoughts of passages in Dante and in Matthew ...

"Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate"

"and many are those who enter in by it"

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