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Yeah, I've reported it a number of times, as recently as last week.

This morning on my home machine I had four actions due today, two correctly colored, two not. I didn't touch anything. When I got to work (syncs to home machine via webdav server) all four actions were correctly colored. Both machines have OF running all the time, and both never sleep. But OF on one machine displayed the state of the db correctly, and one did not.
Strange. That must be frustrating.

What have you tried besides a restart to get OF to fix the coloring? That is, have you tried perspective changes or the Cleanup command? If you're brave, you could try the 1.7 sneaky peeks and see if the problem still exists there. A new bug report filed against 1.7 might get more attention now. (I think you would have to upgrade both your machines to 1.7 if you decide to try that. Syncing of perspectives seems to have introduced some incompatibilities between 1.6.1 and 1.7 on the desktop. The iPhone app is fine.)

What happens if you do a clean-up command when the program is in this funny state, or open a new window? Do the newly-calculated views show the right thing?

Do you use the Growl notification scheme? I'm a bit curious if you are missing those notifications as well, which might give a bit of visibility as to whether there is code that just isn't running, or it is running but wrongly skipping over certain actions.

Can you characterize the nature of the actions that aren't restyled? Are they all repeating actions, or all from single-action lists, or any other apparent connection? Does the misbehavior always happen on the same machine, or tomorrow could you have your home machine work properly and the work machine be wrong?
I've tried A LOT of stuff, as you might imagine. Changing perspectives, cleaning up, syncing, etc, don't do anything. I'm not sure if I've tried opening a new window. The one thing I did notice that fixed it was marking the project holding the action as reviewed or changing the review date for the project (I reported this to OG).

I don't use growl.

There doesn't seem to be any pattern to the actions. Sometimes they're repeating actions, sometimes not. Sometimes it will be all the actions due on a given day, sometimes not. Sometimes it'll be relatively new actions (entered the previous day), sometimes it'll be long-standing actions where I've just assigned or changed the due date. Or it might be an action that I entered a month ago that just came due. It happens on both machines, with no apparent pattern that I can tell.

The other thing I've noticed is that when I quit OF and restart, the window is first drawn with the wrong colors, then quickly redrawn with the correct colors. So it seems that OF has cached the old state, then something in the start-up process causes it to re-draw the actions.

I wonder if it's connected to the fact that I keep OF running and syncing 24/7 on two machines that never sleep. It's all very strange, and has persisted through several versions for over a year. (I was surprised to see how old this thread was when I posted yesterday.)
Does it ever happen if OF has been running for less than a day? You might try quitting and restarting OF every night while you are asleep and see if that at least masks the problem. You could do this by running a script from iCal that just tells OmniFocus to quit and then tells it to run.

I run OF pretty close to continuously on my machines, although it does get put to sleep now and then (mostly when I move the laptop) and I tend to reboot often enough that running for more than 24 hours on the primary machine is a bit unusual. I've never seen the behavior you report, but it also isn't clear to me that it might not be affected by which views you use. I'm almost always using a window that groups by either start or due.
Originally Posted by Chris View Post
I've tried A LOT of stuff, as you might imagine. Changing perspectives, cleaning up, syncing, etc, don't do anything.
Does File->Rebuild Database help?
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
Does File->Rebuild Database help?
I'll try that the next time it happens.
I concur with everything that Chris has posted. But for me, this issue happens so infrequently that it's really hard to recognize any kind of pattern.

I do sleep my Mac, but I've seen this issue even when the machine hasn't been sleeping in the past several hours.

I also use Growl, and IIRC, it does pop up a notification upon a state change but the corresponding action doesn't always change color. I'll need to watch closely to verify this. But as I said earlier, the problem is very infrequent.

Ken, out of curiosity, does OF update the styling, trigger notifications, etc. by scanning the entire database every minute, or do you build (and maintain) a schedule of upcoming changes?
Originally Posted by Toadling View Post
I do sleep my Mac
Dennis, did you intend to omit the "with"? :-)

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