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I hope I didn't come across too harsh, or inadvertently prevented my post from being taken seriously. But perhaps a little exasperation is understandable the third time I describe issues in as many years.

These are issues which annoy me every single time I use Omnigraffle, which I have used nearly every single day for the last 3 years. Every person I've converted to Omnigraffle have agreed with me on at least some of them. (No. 6 generally gets mentioned in bafflement within a week.) Every time I look at the release notes, I see only new features that are irrelevant to me and fixes for bugs I have never experienced. Are there really more users who care about those? Am I such an atypical user?

Yes, there are software companies with whom any attempt at communication is futile (say, Apple or Microsoft.) And as you say, Omni is not one, and Omni staff are very helpful on these forums. I was not ascribing malice or stupidity to them in my post, but I do question Omni's commitment to continually improving the application and keeping core customers satisfied.

It would be great if, as you suggest, Omni could publish the most popular feature requests, and perhaps let users vote on them. You can be sure it's currently only a small minority of customers who take the trouble to email support or post on the forum.
Originally Posted by fjordaan View Post
Every person I've converted to Omnigraffle have agreed with me on at least some of them. (No. 6 generally gets mentioned in bafflement within a week.)
Have all of the converts sent in their votes for these bugs?
Though it seems any significant revisions are unlikely, let me post an additional feature request:

- object dimensions: when an object is selected, we should get in addition to the bounding box dimensions geometrically useful values. For a line, the actual length of the line should be shown to allow us to skip manually computing sqrt(a^2+b^2). For a shape, the perimeter of the shape and the area of the shape ought to be displayed or reachable somehow. I had these features in my favorite lamented graphics environment, Deneba/ACD Canvas, since around the turn of the century. Thanks for your consideration.
Wonderful list!

In Lieu of whpalmer4's scolding, I'd say the list is perfectly authentic and genuine as is.

I understand that Omni's running a business, and that they have to make changes according to budgets and costs and I want them to stay in business, but I'm sure they expect to hear complaints when they choose not to fix a bug.

Thanks for getting #12 Crop tool! Can I just at 12a which would be to be able to control placing alignment, so that it's not always centered.
My scolding? You might wish to consult a dictionary to refresh your understanding of the word. I offered practical advice on how to maintain cordial relations with the only people who are in a position to provide the changes sought. I share the frustration that there are features I want to see in Omni applications which would be used by many, if they only existed, but do not yet have enough mindshare in the user base's imagination to generate sufficient requests for their implementation. My post before this one was on just such a matter.

However, if you wish to adopt the position that adding a vote to an existing request is a euphemism for tossing your message in the rubbish bin, you go right ahead.
And you don't think what you just said was scolding?

For the record, I do think OG is a rockin' app, as I posted in an earlier thread:

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