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University student trying to distinguish folders vs. projects Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Hi everyone!

I'm currently enrolled in a full class load and work part-time. Right now, I have my Classes in Folders, and then have the separate assignment types underneath, like this:

Folder: ECON 140B
-Reading assignments
-Problem Sets

I know similar questions have been posted before, but I was just looking for some clarification. I've been perusing the past threads, and most of the time, the albums with the screenshots uploaded have been removed off Picasa, Flickr, etc.

Is anyone else a university student? Or just has any good ideas? I'm realllly trying here, and finding it difficult to really implement. At this point, I'm just ridiculously behind with my classwork, and am feeling unmotivated and frustrated...and sounding really whiny. hahaha.

Thank you so much ahead of time. You guys (and girls) are amazing.

Hopeless in NY
Sounds good to me. The goal is to make your system only as complex as it needs to be, and as effortless as possible to set up and maintain.

I would give each class its own folder. This way there is a persistent reminder of your commitment even if you have completed all current projects. It also allows you to focus on a single class ("focus", as in using the focus button in the tool bar).

When deciding what projects to make, keep in mind that the only way to make actions sequential is to put them into the same project. So, for example, you could enter all the syllabus assignments as actions into one project and then just work through them in order.

Also keep in mind that if an assignment can be done at any time and has more than one action step, it may be best to make a new project out of it, rather than tagging it on to a general "assignments" project. That way, when you view your work in context mode, it will be available to work on whenever you have the ability or opportunity, and you won't have to wait for an unrelated project to be done before working on it.

You may also want one Miscellaneous single actions list in each folder too, if you need it.

If something has more than 1 action step, it merits its own project. An exception is if the project is part of a sequential series of projects (like assignments, btw), in which case you can make them into action groups (sub-projects). It takes a little experimentation and use to figure out what works best for each situation.

By the way, have you read Getting Things Done? If not, you should do that as soon as you can.
I think OF can help prioritize work and can help stay focused on projects and goals, which can be helpful when you've fallen behind. It does carry the risk of allowing you to get too focused on the details instead of the big picture, which can lead to frustration. Accordingly, although it might be good to try to use OF to help focus on your work, I honestly think it would also be a good idea to go to your school's academic success program or your advisor and take their guidance as well.
I'm using OF currently in getting my second MA and I have created a folder titled "University" and each class is a project with that folder. I decided that since I could complete them, they would essentially be projects. I then went through the syllabus for each class and entered all of the assignments. I created contexts "Reading", 'Writing", and "Research" as well since most of my assignments fit into one of these (except for exams and presentations which get a "Campus" context).

For larger assignments (like research papers) I create an action group for the task and then add in the sub-tasks like research the topic, come up with thesis, outline paper, etc.

This is how I use it and it seems to be working pretty well.
thank you so much! it's a daunting program...i can't wait until i can actually use it. :)
I'm a Uni student too and have a folder that houses several folders concerning each class i'm taking. Also a general College folder for any general things I gotta do while i'm there, such as turn in Fin Aid forms or inquire about scholarship info at the student center.

Since having a "Uni" folder in OF and several class folders inside of it i've seen my school work productivity sky-rocket...except in math, god i hate math.

The way my OF looks like is like this: (Each being a folder housing at least one project or more)

A. Horizons of Focus

2. School
A. General
B. Math Placement
C. Poli Sci 201
D. Anthro 120
E. Anthro 202
F. Math Class
G. Transferring

3. Health
A. Sleeping Habits
B. Gym

4. Wealth
A. eBay
B. Parking Ticket
C. Job-Work
D. New Cell Phone

5. Maintenance
A. P.O. Box
B. Home
C. Mac
D. Me
E. Shoes
F. Car

6. Love
A. Clothing
B. Family

7. Someday/Maybe (On Hold)

Every bullet I just listed is a folder that holds projects, even if its just one. Just like how my documents folder is set up on OS X on my Mac, I feel better having everything in easily accessible, organized, categorized folders.
This has helped me tenfold as opposed to having just a long laundry list of over 30-40 projects.

Taking advice from others here on the OF forums I daily put projects I dont need to be working on on hold for the day and focus what I do want/need to get done. This has helped me as a college student immensely. I remember sitting in class bored, looking at my OF available actions list and writing down on paper the things I wanted to tackle for the day...overwhelmingly I would write almost everything down and in turn would suffer the whole day hardly getting anything done...

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