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I have a feature request - sort of. I haven't really figured out how it should work, it is just a general idea.

I don't always plan perfectly. Sometimes I find myself in context view, trying to do things, and there is an action that is not really actionable. Rather than either 1) switching modes and trying to fix my planning now, or 2) ignoring this un-actionable action for the rest of the day, I would like a way to sort of banish the item back to the inbox to be appropriately (re-) processed when I process everything else in there.

But I'm really not sure how this would work. In fact, if the item retained it's context, it would continue to show up in context view, which is exactly what I don't want.

Anybody out there have any ideas on this?
reprocessing actions is an unfortunate but necessary evil (at least in my world).

i also agree that if it goes back to the inbox, it should be "factory fresh" ie. no context nor project associated with it
Actually, I would prefer that items in the Inbox don't show up in context view, even if they have a context assigned. The Inbox is for dumping stuff to be processed later. I may know the context of a new item but want to start it in the future. Currently, I cannot enter that future start date in the QuickEntry panel, but even if I could I might not know what the right start date is -- that is something I would determine when processing the Inbox. In the mean time I want those items out of my hair.

But I recall from a previous thread that I am in the minority on this point.
I agree that Inbox items should remain separate from context lists until cleaned up, but some would argue that cleaning up is a redundant action. I think that I would like to process my Inbox myself first, do the 2 min items, then clean up.

I also definitely second the banishing an item to the Inbox and making it factory fresh. Anyone email Omni ninja's yet?
i threw together a down and dirty applescript that brute forces this: it grabs the task name and note, creates a new task in the inbox with those two pieces of info, and then (ahem) deletes the existing task. If that deleting aspect is too scary at first, by all means comment out that line until you trust that it works for you.

two caveats:
1. this only works on single tasks (thanks to curt clifton for his single task test chunk of applescript)
2. if you select a task that has children, it will only copy the parent task then delete the whole task children and all. i did say it was dirty and brute force-ish right? i'll work on the whole recursion thing asap...

place it in your ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniFocus/ directory (which then allows you to add it to your toolbar if you wish).

I have moved it to my webpage along with a couple other scripts at:

Last edited by spnyc; 2007-06-23 at 08:39 AM.. Reason: removed attachment and link to webpage with updated versions

Since I typically want to banish actions while in context view, the recursion thing isn't that big a deal to me.

If fact, just to make it that much harder to accidently delete a task with children, I added this snippet to the script:

if selected view mode identifier of document window 1 of document 1 is not "context" then
	display alert "You must be in Context view" message "Select Contaxt view before running this script." as warning
end if
I have moved it to my webpage along with a couple other scripts at:

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