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While I agree that synchronization will be a great thing to have, there are bigger issues that plague the everyday use of OmniFocus. These are things which will cause annoyance all day long. It's relatively painless to rsync or scp the data file at the end of the day (assuming that you aren't jumping back and forth many times during the day). This is really a good habit for me, because I also export my list to html and save it to the web for viewing on my Treo while I'm out. It's not the ideal web interface, but it works just fine for the time being. Ken's crontab idea is great too, for the time being.
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
+1! (And, of course, that's what we're planning to do.)
I too am really looking forward to this feature and I wanted to chime in and also say how important this feature is!... any estimation on when it might be available? (Would this be a 1.1 feature or a 2.0 feature?)
Originally Posted by gaarch View Post
(Would this be a 1.1 feature or a 2.0 feature?)
We've already started working on this for 1.1, but it could get pushed back to a later release if it looks like finishing it would delay 1.1 too much.
Could you post the rsync command that's been working for you? Does it cause any locking issues?
So when I'm at my home/office I'm on my MacPro and have OF set up on this machine, but we travel quite a bit as well, sometimes for a week or so at a time and have a laptop that I really only use for when I'm on the road.

How's the best way to sync my laptop version of the program with my desktop version so it's up to date before I leave on a trip and then re-update my desktop when I get back home?

Any of you deal with this?
From the FAQ (sticky):

Q.Can I synchronize my data between multiple computers?
A.We're working on synchronization now that we've finished the basic single-computer functionality for our 1.0 release.

For the time being, you can place your OmniFocus database on your iDisk and access it from your various machines. But I should note that you're definitely heading out towards the land of bleeding-edge beta testing. We want feedback from folks, but we don't want folks to set this up casually and then be upset if something they didn't expect happens. Proceed with our blessing, but also with caution. We recommend you set the backup preference to 'twice a day and on quit' on all your machines. ;-)

On one of your machines, open up OmniFocus' "General" preferences pane and use the "Move" button to get your database on your iDisk.

On your other machines, open up those same preferences and use the "Select a Different Database" button to select your database on your iDisk.

You should now be all set.
all of the threads dealing with syncing OmniFocus have been moved to this thread, note that the post above this is the most recent, and is on the FAQ.
Originally Posted by Lizard View Post
While .Mac syncing sounds good in theory, in practice it hasn't proved sufficiently reliable. What I'd recommend (and I know some folks, even some OmniFolk are doing) is to put the database on a USB thumbdrive.
This should be fixed.

Just curious...has anyone successfully synced OF on two macs as follows:

1. Mac 1 OF and iCal synced
2. Mac 2 OF and iCal synced
3. Mac 1 and 2 iCals synced via .Mac.
4. Does this lead to Mac 1 and 2 OF synced?
It does not sync the Focus databases in any way that is likely to make you happy. (You'll end up with duplicate items, and deleted items re-appearing.) Over on another thread we've been talking about some ways you *can* sync with iCal on two machines and not wreak havoc.

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