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#27 (I think) - Sync Option

I was setting up OmniFocus to sync with iCal and got to the part where you map contexts in OmniFocus to calendars in iCal. In my world that's like pairing apples to oranges (or PCs?). I'd like to see a choice of being able to sync context or project or grouping (my preference).

(I posted this elsewhere until I discovered the comprehensive wish list. Sorry about that.)
28) A Completed Date column.
Please, please, please!

Ability to see (everything due that day) in one window:
* Next action
* Flagged task
* Items that have a date that become due that day

Please, please, please!
29) Global find (even if you are hoisted on a particular project. . .relevant discussion)
30) add a preference to keep the projects column sorted by name, date, status (currently, you have to do this manually.
I would really like to have OF email me a snapshot of things to do or next actions at a user-defined interval (every day, every week, or whatnot). This would help me with my daily review in the morning since i interact so much via email. I could email to myself, and it would also help people who have windows at work.
31?) As a follow up to kimomni, the ability to have a perspective show flagged tasks and tasks due in the next day or so. That's my "important" bucket but there's no way to use OR logic in combining filters (show tasks where flagged = true or due date is in next day). This would be huge!

32) Better handling of context menus in the project/context bar. It's not easy to add a task list, for example. You have to deselect everything, then add the list, then move it where you want it. It should be possible to just add it from the right click menu in one step, but it's not an available menu option.

I also second the call for a "Clear perspectives" toolbar or keyboard shortcut. Sometimes you make a tweak here or there and you don't realize how things are filtered until you clear everything.

I also second the call for the search to be global, not focused on your current context or project. Or at least make it a selectable option. It's not often that I'm searching for just the current context or project (because if I'm in it, I can usually see everything I need). I'm usually searching for something somewhere else, either because a phone call came in or something popped into my head.
33) Better export options - the ability to export to OmniOutliner, to export individual projects or contexts, etc. There's a thread on this elsewhere but I don't have time to find the link.

34) Not for 1.5 probably, but I would like to have an ability to save sets of actions as "Masters" so that I can add them to new projects as they arise. What do I mean?

Well, if I am going to a conference on business, I have a set of tasks that are going to be more or less the same each time (e.g. pack passport, boarding pass, toiletries, clothing, business cards, laptop, etc) under the same group heading of "Packing". So if I could create this group just once, then store it as a "Master" group, when I next go to a conference, I could drag it across and drop it on that conference's project thus saving me from having to duplicate it or recreate it each time.

This would be something akin to the stencils palette in OmniGraffle, only for tasks/actions.

Here is a link to some concerns about export

Curt Clifton created a great script called Populate Template placeholders found here but I think it should be baked in.
Originally Posted by steve View Post
29) Global find (even if you are hoisted on a particular project. . .relevant discussion)
Hmm, I can understand how non-global searches might be confusing, but losing the ability to search just the current sidebar selection or a focused/hoisted item is _not_ a good trade-off. I don't know what the solution is, but it's not to forced searches across the whole database in all cases. I used these limited searches all the time and it would be a great disappoint to lose the capability, especially considering performance is much better with a smaller data set.

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