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OF keeps asking for permission to use keychain Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes

I have a webdav server set up on my Mac, running the latest update of Leopard. I use it to sync my OF (on the same Mac) and my iPhone, on my wireless lan. The synching works great, generally, a little slow sometimes but my database is rather large.

I can't seem to figure out how to get the Mac to stop nagging me when OF wants to access my login keychain, where the creds for the webdav server are. I want OF to be able to use my keychain without asking me for permission. It's preventing me from being in sync when I walk away from the Mac, and it's a bit of a pain - I have to auth several times a day. The iPhone never has any such trouble.

I've searched the forums about this, and I've tried everything I could find, and everything I could think of.

- Keychain first aid, resetting so that the keychain never locks (keep login keychain unlocked)
- deleted the entry from my keychain and recreated it.
- confirmed that the Keychain settings are in order - none of them are set to lock.
- configured the keychain entry itself to allow unrestricted access for all applications

Has anyone else experienced this? I honesly don't know whether my problem is in OmniFocus - I'm more inclined to think it's something I've missed with the keychain, but I'm at a dead end. Any hints?

You don't mention the exact text of the error message you're getting, but we've had emails from a couple of folks that were getting the "OmniFocus has changed; do you want to let it access your keychain?" question over and over and over again. If that's what you're seeing, it turns out that's caused by a corrupt file on your machine; details on what to do about it are available in this Macworld article.

If that's not the problem you're having, let us know the exact text and we can try to lend a hand.
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
If that's not the problem you're having, let us know the exact text and we can try to lend a hand.
Hey Brian, thanks and sorry about that, I didn't have the text handy and I didn't describe it very well. It's here now:

OmniFocus wants to use the "login" keychain.

Please enter the keychain password.
If I open up the details portion of the dialog, it shows my login.keychain and the OmniFocus app. (and others) do this too, but only occasionally, i.e. if I leave my mac idle for a while. From, I see this perhaps once a week. From OmniFocus, I see it several times a day, perhaps a dozen.
A couple more things to add here:

I just looked in the OSX Help on "Locking and unlocking your keychain" - it says:

"Your keychain is automatically locked if your computer is idle for a while" - and of course this is not what's happening. Often I'll be typing away (obviously not idle) and the dialog will come up.
You know, I'm honestly not sure what would cause that behavior - I often leave my mac idle for hours at a time, and I've never had Mail ask for permission to unlock it.

<wanders off to do some googling...>

Sadly, didn't turn up much. Hmmm. Do you have syncing enabled? The only thing I can think of is that the keychain isn't unlocking as expected, so every time we try to do a sync, you have to re-authenticate. I guess another possibility would be that the keychain is unlocking, but then something re-locks it automatically a short time later.

Is there any other software on the machine that could be re-locking the keychain? Does anything appear in the console log when this happens?
Painful as it might be to recover from, I'd recommend moving your current keychain out of its directory and forcing the creation of a new one. Sounds like corruption to me (I've rarely gotten the keychain message in Mail or any other app, for that matter, and certainly not on a daily basis).

Are you using 1Password or anything like that? Maybe some interaction there...
It sounds to me like it is the auto-locking keychain.

In my experience, this has to do with how long the _keychain_ has gone unused, not how long the computer has been idle. I could be wrong, but that seems to match my experience.

You can check to see if it's got a timeout, and change the timeout, by launching Keychain Access (in /Applications/Utilities), selecting the "login" keychain, then choosing "Change Settings for Keychain 'login'" from the Edit menu. The resulting panel has a "Lock after X minutes of inactivity" setting.

Last edited by Andrew; 2009-03-02 at 12:57 PM.. Reason: Doing a bad job of proof-reading before posting
Hey thanks everyone - and sorry for disappearing for a few days. I was wrapped up doing a deployment last week.

I've checked the console for any sign of what might be causing this, but there's nothing to see.

I've been watching closely, and it seems pretty predictable - when I make a change in OmniFocus on the Mac (especially for the first time in a while), within about a minute the dialog comes up. I think OF is attempting to sync because of the recent change.

As far as interactions with other programs:
I had Lotus Notes 7.0.2 installed for over a year, and this exact same thing happened with Notes: "Lotus Notes wants to use the login keychain". It was a known problem with Notes - a real PITA. Since upgrading to Notes 8.5 (which is quite dandy, I actually don't mind it), the problem has gone away with Notes. I wonder if Notes 7.x toasted my login keychain or its settings.

I also have 1Pasword installed, and I'm long overdue to upgrade it to the current version. I've held off because there is some work to adopt their new "Agile keychain" mechanism, and I think it'll take a little time. So I've been saving that upgrade for a weekend when I have an hour to spare.

Andrew, I did indeed rule out the keychain-specific settings, and ruled them out. Just for grins, I also checked on my other keychains, there is one for 1Password and one for System, both had timeouts and I removed them. I don't know how this would make a difference, but I'm reaching here.

And there seem to be a couple more things I can try - I'll try creating a new login keychain as sfkeydel suggested, and I'll upgrade 1Password. I'll report my findings back to this thread.

Thanks again everyone!
What is the status on this?

I'm still getting this error, just like the OP:
"OmniFocus wants to use the "login" keychain."
Please enter a keychain password.
I can't help much now, sorry. The problem did go away for me, months ago. I've stopped using 1Password, and upgraded to Snow Leopard, but the problem disappeared some time before I did either.

I did just about everything I could think of with the keychain and I honestly don't remember the circumstances that resolved the problem. I do remember being surprised when it seemed to resolve itself - I didn't do anything immediately beforehand that I could recall, though I had been in previous days. I suspect something that was using the keychain wasn't playing nice.

Sorry I can't help much. At least I can offer hope - I'm fine now.

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