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I want to be able to keep checklists in Omnifocus. What that means is to be able to create a box of single actions that are not deletable (or, more precisely, harder to delete).

For GTD, this could be ones Areas of Focus.

But I also want it for having a packing list--stuff like that.

How about adding such a feature? Or is there a way to do this already?
When you say 'harder to delete', do you mean that you don't want them to disappear when you check them off? Or that you want some kind of pop up warning "Are you sure you want to delete this?"

If the former, things don't really disappear when checked off, they're there depending on your status filter, just...checked off.

If the later, I couldn't see that for some projects/SALs and not others. Would you want that for everything?

For some good idea on lists, search for an old thread on grocery lists. Some people had some good idea on how to re-use lists. You might find it helpful for now.
Use Curt Clifton's Populate Template Placeholders script for just about any scenario where you want to use a list repeatedly, possibly with customization.
I actually don't care if I can check them off. For example, I just want my areas of focus: semi-permanenant lists to keep.

The templates link didn't appear to help me but maybe I am missing something.

Thanks for the answers, though.
For general checklists such as a travel packing checklist and assorted daily checklists I use, I'm a fan of the ListMonger app for iPhone. It's not integrated with OmniFocus, but I don't find that to be too much of a problem.

It would be a hassle trying to run a weekly review checklist on ListMonger on your iPhone while attempting to do the review on your OmniFocus for iPhone; but if you use your iPhone for just the ListMonger checklist, and use your computer's OmniFocus program for the actual review, then even this works pretty well.
The best app for this on the iPhone that I have found is "Groceries" from
Despite the name, you can make any check off list you want. I use it for e.g. Winter Camping List (did you remember your down gloves?). It's also useful, because if you go to pack your 3 oz of mouthwash, only to find that you are out, you can easily add it to your "Grocery Store" shopping list. It's better than OmniFocus for this checkoff list activity.
I'm about to try using OmniFocus for this, following the model in "How to create a checklist for Daily Routines." (I'd link to the thread, but apparently can't include URLs in my first post.)

To date, however, I've been using ListWrangler, which does a decent job of creating lists from list templates, with auto-creation based on day of the week (so I can have a different list for the 4 days/week when my daughter goes to daycare, and a shorter list for the 1 day/week when she stays home with mama). It only auto-creates lists on days when you actually launch the app, so you don't get multiple copies of lists or items when you've been away on vacation or something.

Unfortunately, it can't compose templates, so I do have to duplicate the items that I have to do all 5 days of the week.

Still, for situations where OmniFocus is overkill, it's a decent little app.
Normally areas of focus would be managed by using folders.

If you don't actually want to be able to tick items off the list, then they're probably not actions. You could add them in as a note (command + ')

If they are actions and you want to re-use them (eg. packing list for holiday) then I use a folder called 'reusable checklists', it contains projects that have the repeat property set to 'start again 1m after completion'. Once you're done with the list simply mark it as done and then put it on hold and you get a 'fresh' copy. When you next come to use it take it off hold again.
Quick follow-up, two days in: the approach in this thread seem to work quite well for checklists. I can just check off the stuff that doesn't necessarily apply for the given day, and everything appears in the correct order again the following day, regardless of whether I checked it off or not.

Also, the aforementioned iPhone app is "Checklist Wrangler" -- apparently "ListWrangler" is just what they mash the name down to so it fits on the home screen.

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