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New actions with project assigned auto move to Inbox Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
When creating an action I typically like to complete the fields for project, context, and due date at the same time. However, even though I add the project name when creating a new action, the action ends up in the inbox and does not automatically display under the project I assigned it to.

Perhaps I'm just not understanding the inbox function, but if I have already assigned a project when an action is created, shouldn't I be able to bypass the inbox instead of having to reassign it to a project?
Where are you creating it? If you're using quick entry, then you can check the "Immediately clean up quick entry items" option in Preferences>General to make it do what you want.

If you're entering the new items "inline" in the inbox, then you have options: either click on clean up on the toolbar, or hit cmd-k, or drag the item to its (already assigned) project or context. Just assigning the project or context won't do it, I think probably sensibly as otherwise the item would disappear from in front of you the second you gave it a project, when in fact you mat still have more editing to do.

I'm actually entering the action "inline" under the project I want it to be assigned to. In addition, I'm entering the project name in the project column.

I did notice that if I hit the cleanup button after entering this information the action stays where I put it and remains assigned to the project. However, if I don't hit the cleanup button but instead navigate to another view, when I come back to look at the project again the action has disappeared and has been moved to the inbox (even though the project name is still defined). It no longer shows up under the project.

Seems like if I've indicated (twice) that I want the action to be assigned to a specific project I shouldn't have to go to the inbox to assign the project yet a 3rd time.

1) I don't have and can't get a projects column when in projects view (with projects in the side bar) - where are you selecting the project?

2) Mines not doing that - if I enter a new item with a project selected in the sidebar, it stays in that project even if I don't explicitly assign a project to it any other way.
Reading your description again, I think you are in contexts mode, grouped by project? I can re-produce in that view:

- just because you entered it under a project doesn't automatically give it that project (it should do IMHO).

- Check your settings in preferences>data>cleanup. I think that iof you have that set to both project and context, it'll assume the item should stay in the inbox until you give it both. Hitting cleanup somehow tells it to accept the data as is, while not doing and navigating away causes it to assume it's not yet a fully processed item.

Very confusing.
Yep, this is broken big time! enter all detail under the project, then navigate away, and the item shifts to the inbox. Hit cleanup now, and it goes back to where you put it in the first place! It's as if OF doesn't trust you to put the item directly onto the correct list, but insists that you must go via the inbox, even if you change nothing once it's in there!

Unless of course you hit cleanup!

I suggest you submit feedback.
Yes ... I'm in context mode grouped by project (sorry for not communicating that more clearly). Glad to see you have verified the behavior I'm seeing. I'll go the feedback route to see if this is something the developers can address. Thanks for your diligence in working to recreate and clarify the problem!

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