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Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
Yeah, the part where you lose all the flexibility of the Omni store (upgrade and educational discounts, sneaky peeks, etc.) would be a substantial loss to both Omni and its customers.
Do you work for them? I was asking for an authoritative view.
I believe the authoritative view was posted above by jbrown @ Omni:

buying direct from us offers more flexibility in terms of upgrade pricing, bundle discounts, access to beta releases, and educational discounts.
Originally Posted by Aldaron View Post
Do you work for them? I was asking for an authoritative view.
No mention of that in your query! If you want to ask a question directly of Omni, ask them directly via phone or email, don't post on a forum intended for user-user communication and expect other users to somehow divine your unspoken desires.
For those of us who still have Macs running Leopard, the MAS version will NOT work on anything except Snow Leopard. This is the deciding factor for me right now. I love the idea of the MAS but until all my Macs are running Snow Leopard, it doesn't make sense.

Why have I not upgraded to SL? Still own and use software that isn't SL capable.
Originally Posted by Aldaron View Post
This is precisely how it should work, anything else just looks silly. Is there any logic to not following this example?
This would be a terrible outcome based on the current US Dollar / Australian Dollar exchange rate. Buying on the MAS would result in a significantly more expensive purchase due to Apple's policy with regards to currency hedging. I am glad that Omni are maintaining both purchasing options.
I'd prefer the flexibility of buying directly from you guys, but now with the Mac App Store, does the Omni direct license still legally prevent me from running the software on both my home and work machines at the same time?
Ken, our licenses support being installed on multiple macs. If you choose the "Personal" license option on your various Macs, you're all set. The licensing code does check the local network to make sure they aren't in use on too many machines at the same time, but they don't "phone home" to us.
Great, thanks, Brian. From the license page, it sounded like you couldn't run it on more than one machine.
The license page does suggest you are not supposed to run it on multiple machines simultaneously. That would make it impossible to sync between two Macs using Bonjour syncing without a family pack or multiple licenses, however. Perhaps some clarification is in order...
I appreciate OG's desire to maintain two separate sales channels for their customer's flexibility and maintain equivalent prices. I am guessing it also help's OG's profit margins overall in maintaining the two channels, and a profitable company is one that gives you more good stuff more often :) ( ahem... as in Apple)

However it is confusing to customers and as the MAS becomes more and more used, that confusion will ramp as people expect to see "installed" on legacy purchases and update options through the MAS. Perhaps OG could brand or Title the non MAS store products differently... At least that would make it more clear.

It would also be more complex for OG to manage though. At any rate i wish them luck with the strategy.

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