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OK, I'm feeling like an idiot again--and this time about one of the simplest parts of the program.

Quick Entry.

1. ctrl-option-space. The Quick Entry window opens. Off to a good start.

2. I type out a task: Fix lightbulb. It's 6:38 a.m., but my MBP's keyboard lights up, so no problem. I can sorta see what I'm doing.

3. I tab over, type a few letters, and get Housekeeping. OK, sometime later I'll set up a Home Repair project bucket. No problem.

4. I tab over, type "Lo" and the program automatically pops up "Loft" for the context, realize I'm done, so I hit <enter>. And I hit <enter> again. And again.

I get nothing. I'm getting nowhere. The window is not closing. I might still be here tomorrow hitting <enter> over and over and getting nowhere. Not a comforting thought. Not productive in the least.

I try tabbing over to the next field and hitting <enter> there. No luck.

In this weird UI universe I'm now in (not my choice), Quick Entry is no longer that. It's the opposite of that. It's Slow Non-Entry (uh-oh, that sounds vaguely sexual, probably not appropriate for this forum).

Anyway, I finally hit the <Save> button (which worked, but required track pad thumb-to-eye coordination, not something I'm good at when half asleep).

Now I'm greatly perplexed, becase I remember reading once upon a time that our great OMNI team had fixed QE so that <enter> exited and saved, and <esc> cancelled.

Wha' happened?

--Sandy Santra
First, check your preferences to see if the "Return should also save and exit" box is checked.

However, you are right - pressing <enter> doesn't do anything UNLESS you are in the first textfield (title) of Quick entry. If you type a title then press <enter> the action goes into the inbox as desired. But <enter> doesn't work if you are in any other text field, such as start date or context.

Of course you *can* shift-tab from one of these other text fields back to the title and then press <enter>; that works.

Last edited by pvonk; 2007-10-05 at 04:05 AM..
After posting my rant, I found this other discussion with an informative note on the status of this issue:
I have experienced this same annoying feature in recent builds (about the last week). It's more annoying because it didn't used to function this way--<enter> used to confirm a context, project, or date entry, then confirm the whole action and finally create a new line. Now within the regular OF window, I have to succumbed to using Ctl-Cmd-N because tabbing back to the title field so I can use <enter> is even more difficult.

So why the change? I used to be able to activate Quick Entry, type-tab-and-enter very quickly through a bunch of new actions to get everything out of my head, and be done with very little effort.

With this simple, intuitive function taken away I have noticeably reduced my use of OF and revert to writing stuff done on scraps of paper because that's so much easier than the half-functioning Quick Entry.

I love using OF, but this changed function is a major pain in the GTD process of getting things out of your head and recording them easily. Can we get some relief?

Last edited by lujo; 2007-10-05 at 06:01 AM.. Reason: update

I also got this issue and made already two bug reports. The first one probably 4 weeks ago.

So, far no answer.
Outside of Quick Entry--i.e., in a "normal" tasks list window in OF--the <Tab> key *will* keep advancing you through the task and right on into editing the next one, IF there is a subseqent project in the list you're working in. Of course, when you get to the Time field of the last task, that's it--you have to hit <esc> to finish.
Mario and Lujo, thanks for the postings! I have sent another bug report. I'd either get this bug fixed, receive explanation for how it improves the UI, or get a decent workaround.
I miss the old ENTER functionality, too. But you can hit cmd-s to save your item in Quick Entry.

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