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Sorry, if I missed an answer similar to mine - the thread is rather long by now.
I principle, I'd like to have calendars synced for that very reason the developers of OmniFocus mention in their manual - to liberate data ceated in OF for use in other applications, only on iOS. Especially on iOS, which is so well suited for all sorts of one-trick ponies. Of those I use quite a few and would like to continue using them but in conjunction with OF. in this setup I see OF as a place (or the place) where most of the data is generated. However, further tracking of these data, and sometimes minor editing, I'd love to do in other apps. As on the Mac, the obvious - and missing in iOS - link in this workflow would be iCal.
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
Hello, everyone!

But all that was before the iPhone and iPod touch and iPad existed. Now that they do exist, our mobile editions of OmniFocus (for iPhone and iPad) are a much better way to take your tasks with you, synchronizing them through the cloud and giving you much better access to your lists on the go.

So that huge benefit to calendar syncing is gone, but I know a number of you are still using calendar syncing, so... What else are you using it for? Syncing with mobile devices which can't run OmniFocus? Sharing tasks with other people? Is there something we can add to OmniFocus which would solve your needs more directly, rather than trying to shore up this sinking stepping stone?

Please let me know, either here in this thread or by sending me direct email at
Thanks Ken for asking. One thing I admire about Omnifocus dedication to principles (like GTD methodology and Mac) over only market constraints. I admire that despite it posing difficulties for me personally!

I've struggled for some time grasping both the GTD insistance on a hard line of division between items that are going on the calendar (something happening on a certain date / time) and those that are going to my Omni next actions (something happening BY a certain date / time) or beginning to be available after a certain time. But I think I've finally gotten the vision and have stopped clamoring for what doesn't work according to the GTD methodology, and I'm doing better with my task and calendar management because of that.

But I DO need to be able to see certain things into a to-do manager simply because my phone is android and I don't see that changing. I have an iPad, I bought it because of Omnifocus, and I respect Omnigroup's decision to be an Apple only shop. I simply want my actions available. I especially would like to be able to see something like forecast but for start dates in the calendar.

I am basically using iCal sync for displaying my open tasks is the desktop using geektool and iCalBuddy.

It's a pretty good way of seeing all the open tasks in a consolidated list as soon as you get to work on your computer.

Thanks for your great work!
A better approach than involving iCal can be found in this thread:
Hello everybody!

A few days ago I sent following message to the support service:

"A few months ago I was suggested to update my iCal to the new MobileMe Calendar. After I did the suggested update I discovered I could no longer sync iCal with my OmniFocus tasks, a feature I use constantly, and I only then found out that OmniFocus didn't support sync with the new Calendar. Therefore I decided to downgrade again to the old iCal. This was not an easy task and it took almost an entire day to restore the situation as it was before.

Now I have received a message from Apple that I can no longer use the MobileMe syncing service unless I upgrade to the new MobileMe Calendar. Since I need this service in order to keeping my information up to date with various devices, I would like to ask you if the syncing issue with the new MobileMe Calendar has been solved. I could not find any clear information on this matter in your forums."

As a replay I was sent to this thread.

I sincerely hope this feature is somehow adapted to the new MobileMe Calendar. I landed on OmniFocus while I was looking for a way to view my iCal tasks on my iPhone. After starting to use it and discovering its potential, this piece of software became practically my main tool for task organization. I used the iCal syncing, and I would like to use it again, to view my tasks back in iCal and have an overall view together with my appointments, but most importantly through synchronization I can easily set time allocation for my tasks, through a simple drag 'n' drop of my synced tasks in iCal into appointments. By not having this possibility now, it takes me a lot more time to organize my activities. Syncing to a local calendar just doesn't quite do the trick.

I'm building a workflow to send queries by email or phone, track the responses and have one program or another notify me when I need to contact someone.

So Far: Bento contacts database linked to Address Book (I debated using Filemaker but this didn't seem to require the horsepower). Omnifocus to organize projects, contexts and tasks. iCal ToDo's to notify when things are due (not satisfactory).

I look at iCal to see what's due when and because I can't see how to link Bento and Omnifocus.

I'd like to keep just Bento (or Omnifocus) open. Use it to record calls, emails, take notes, and enter the next task.

Does this information help you? Can you help me?


Last edited by Mondozer; 2011-05-19 at 07:05 PM..
So, yes, +! for integrated calendar display
I need iCal sync to import my tasks on Huddle (Project Management Cloud Service). They are exporting my tasks in a iCal feed - and now I have to check two systems to have an overview about my tasks.

It would be so great if OmniFocus would be able to integrate my cloud based tasks as well.
Just in case it helps gianpiero (and subsequent posters) - check out my post on page 10 for info on how to get the previous sync method working alongside the MobileMe synced calendars. Hope that helps!
Here is why I like the iCal sync:

1. Reminders
2. The monthly calendar view allows me see them temporally -and- in relation to my hard landscape which is very important. This is a huge disconnect in Omnifu right now. I want one and only one place to see both my hard schedule and my non-time/date specific tasks so that I can better understand my time constraints while planning. OF feels disconnected from my life because it's disconnected from my commitments. Does that make sense?

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