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I could use OF without ical if I can set flexible reminders not connected to start or due date. It should be possible to add these reminders on the mac even if I don't need them to fire on the mac but only on the iPhone.

In addition more flexible automatic reminders like "on start date at 8:00" and "3 days before due" would be nice.

Beyond that I would like a rolling calendar view for several months with bars for projects and tasks from start to due date. This looks a bit like a gantt chart but needs not to be as sophisticated I don't need resources, milestones etc., therefore I won't buy OmniPlan for only an additional view option, especially when there is no sync between OP and OF.
The only reason I'm syncing OF to iCal/BusyCal is that it allows me to see due tasks in the monthly calendar view. I currently have OmniFocus set to transfer tasks with the "Critical Now!" task over to iCal/BusyCal. These are all the tasks with due dates.

My first dream feature wish list would be to have the forecast view from the iPad in OmniFocus for Mac. This would satisfy my 7-day view. But I'd also like to see a 4 week view. This roughly equates about 1 month. Four weeks is far enough into the future for me to keep me aware of any upcoming due tasks.

My second dream feature wish list would be to have a monthly calendar view showing due tasks in my calendar. Looking at due dates on a calendar seems to click with me more than looking with a list view.
I used to/would like to use calendar sync for the following reasons (which might have been mentioned here before):

1. I like to see all due tasks in my calendar so that when I schedule appointments/work, I can see what else still needs to be done and how much time I have.

2. I find myself crossing off completed tasks in my calendar rather than in OF itself. I guess this is because work more with BusyCal during the day than with OF.

3. To have an online version of active tasks, for when I don't have access to any of my OF apps. Doesn't happen often, but it does happen, and then it's nice to know that stuff is accessible.

So if we want to look at the calendar integration as a stepping stone, then the following features would make it obsolete (for my personal use cases only, I am not deeming those universally applicable):

- Acquire BusyMac and integrate BusyCal, or vice versa (because acquiring Apple in order to integrate iCal is probably unrealistic). Just kidding. But while the Forecast view goes a long way, it's still not fully there as an integrated interface (again, it's subjective).
- Have an online interface.

Originally Posted by monish1 View Post
I have recently replaced my iPhone 3GS. I previously had synced via the Exchange server the existing phone, with my main calendar and other calendars syncing for the account. However, with the new phone, when I configure Google Sync and browse to, the device date is not updated , nor is a new sync added (indicating no sync?). Going into the individual device (based on last sync) and changing the synced calendars has no effect.
As it appears to be, iOS 5 brought with it some incompatibility issues with Exchange push services. This includes Gmail, iCloud and hosted (company) Exchange servers and has been reported by numerous users in a variety of forums. I suffer from this, too. As it seems this issue is known to Apple by now so I expect a fix for the problem somewhen in the future. The "mail" app does sync with all servers according to the fetch-plan or when triggered manually, though.
I use OF since a longer time, and I use BusyCal also. I was happy about the sync with BC - all ToDos were available in BC. Fine.
But since Lion "everything" changed and it seems to me that the beloved connection is lost. I saw a similar thread here, and as far as I understood its Apple's "fault", the introduced the new Reminders-thing.
Hmmm, I was hoping there is a way to get the OF-To-Dos into BusyCal (via iCal/iCloud), but there is no way, or?
Now I read that OG is thinking about to kick out the sync with iCal for a new release of OF (v2). Hmmm, for me, and some other members in this forum, this function is essential! BusyCal is my main app for dates and the overview for the ToDos. So, please think about it again, and I think we are not the only ones using the option to sync ToDos with iCal. ToDos and appointments belong together in one place. Or, add a calendar (with iCloud connection) into OF 2.
Well, we will see...
Please add my name to those who need some kind of interoperability with a Windows environment. Ideally, OmniFocus would sync with our exchange server but some kind of intermediary such as Toodledo would be fine too.

I really would like to operate as a stand alone user but that is hard to do in an exchange dependent workplace.
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
What are people actually trying to accomplish with calendar syncing, and can we find a better way to accomplish that end?
I would prefer to be able to add OmniFocus tasks as Calendar items with date and time, not Reminders. Let the Reminders be items that do not have due dates. As you say, iCal reminders are pretty crummy.

With Apple's slamming the door on cross-system sync, I don't know what the answer is. What about Google Calendar sync? I would love to be able to look at my Calendar and see everything I have to do. Having a parallel system in OmniFocus has not been working for me.

What if our sync info is made available as an authenticated iCal feed that we can import into a calendar?
I would love OG to make a combined task/calendar/notes app. Like pocket informant, but actual business level quality, not the garage version that webis sells. Please? Just OF as a base, with an enhanced calendar view on a separate page. That could sync with iCal/calendar. And a notes section for standalone notes with some sorting and maybe the option to link to a calendar entry and task.

I use OmniFocus as a GTD tool, to:

1. manage lists (projects, next actions by context)

2. plan projects.

For 2., I am listing perhaps many tasks. Some may be time-specific. I wish to be able to transfer time-specific tasks from my project plan (in OmniFocus) to my calendar (iCal). Doing this manually (a) is clunky (b) duplicates effort. Syncing tasks (perhaps from a context defined as @calendar) seems better.

Hope that helps!

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