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Originally Posted by lennie View Post
You may not need this feature but I would like to have the option to move select items to an archive.Trying to fully utilize OF as a GTD tool, I can easily see thousands of completed projects amongst hundreds of active ones.
Filtering works great to hide or reveal all items with the same status. However I want more control. As an example. I have no need to see the completed project "Take wife to opera" a year after it has been completed. I would like this to be archived. I do not want to delete this in case I need it years later when my wife accuses me of never taking her any where.
There are other complete projects which I do not want to archive. Several home remodeling projects are complete. I want to filter these out daily work in OF. I do not want to archive them as I am considering placing my home on the market. I want ready access to the info.

To avoid having hundreds or thousands of completed projects cluttering up my active work space over tine, I have been deleting completed items that I don't think I will need. The problem is now they are gone and no longer available for reference. I am looking for a way to file away the records that will be used infrequently (if at all).
OK, why not create an "Archive" folder in Planning Mode and move old, completed projects into it when you don't want to see them anymore? You could even mark the folder as "Dropped" to make it inactive so you'll only see it when displaying "All Projects".

Again, it seems like everything you're asking for already exists in one way or another. The only difference is the current implementation isn't dedicated to the purpose you describe (i.e. it's flexible enough to do what you want and still fill a variety of other roles).

Last edited by Toadling; 2008-02-16 at 09:11 AM..
I agree with Toadlings suggestions, and offer the following suggestion to lennie regarding archiving projects that he want completely out of OF. Before deleting the project, select it, export as CSV, import into a spreadsheet, confirm that you got what you wanted, and then delete the project from OF.

FWIW, I'm sure that Omni is already looking at an archive feature. No system can scale without limit; and, for performance reasons, OF will eventually need this capability.
<tongue-in-cheek>And if you need OmniFocus's archive to demonstrate to your wife that you do, in fact, take her somewhere, I think your problems go far beyond what a to-do and project management program can handle....</tongue-in-cheek>
41) Make a project inspector for what to do with completed projects. Options like Delete (send to trash), Nothing (just like it does today) and Archive (which sends it to a predefined folder)

It would also be helpful to have this on tasks. This would be great for projects/tasks that repeat all the time and have little to no use of keeping all the archived versions (Weekly Review).

42). Some sort of highlight in a task when the notes section contains a link to somewhere else within OF

Last edited by Dogsbreath; 2008-02-18 at 02:30 AM.. Reason: Correct the number!
43) A nice "Waiting For" section

Yes, you can hack it with actions + context, but it breaks from the GTD model. In reality, I just don't like this form

44) Someday/Maybe List

I use omni-outliner right now, so some kind of integration like that would be fine, just a list, maybe add an option to add tags for sorting (aka, I have a list of books I want to read, instead of always having to group them, I can just search on books and everything tagged that way shows up).
I just use 2 Single Action lists for Waiting For and Someday/Maybe
I don't know if this has been posted as a wish yet, but I'd like to see some kind of template feature for actions. Let me explain...

I run several websites and blogs and for the purpose of getting traffic to them I do certain actions regularly. These sets of actions are basically the same across all websites. For example, I would post in forums related to my websites' topic once a week.

Now, if I create a new project for a new website, I have to create all these actions in that project. I know I can duplicate them from another project, but I'd like a single place where I can store and manage sets of actions that I can add to a project with a click.

Tom, it has been requested, but always good to have another vote.

Check out Cliff's scripts for doing this:

45) The ability to enter a project into the Quick Tool (pop up) and pick a folder while doing it. I find I create a project there and it sits at the end of my folders. If I could pick the folder (maybe with a : ) that would be great.

46) Auto sorting project folders. Again, as I drag things in and out of folders, I want it to sort projects by alpha, automatically. This should be a folder level preference.

I have to say, I hope Omni folks are readings this thread - it's a GREAT consolidation of terrific feature requests IMO.

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