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I've been using Entourage for work email, calendar, and tasks, with OmniOutliner as my project planner. It's a new thing, eased by the release of Sync Services for Entourage. A couple of folks at work have asked about/mentioned KGTD. Just wondering how it works. I am not a GTD subscriber, mostly as I have not read up too much on it.
I'm glad you asked, because I have absolutely no idea what it even is. For the less enlightened like myself, here is their website.

This is an overview film (37MB)

Looks pretty cool.
I live by this thing. To use it, one really should have at least some understanding of the Getting Things Done system. Essentially, its a set of applescripts that harness the power of OO pro and creates a GTD document infrastructure.
I'm a huge kinkless fan. The recently released .8x is fantastic.

OmniOutlinerPro is such an effortless tool for making and organizing projects, and kinkless takes that to a level I'd never really imagined before, creating the action lists and syncing with ical.

not to be missed is the new quicksilver inbox trigger (which I've read can be modified to accommodate Butler or Launchbar) for easily adding new items to the fold.

Watch the video. When I first saw the earlier version I got really excited. However, I didn't have a previous system or organizing things I needed to get done.
I just got the GTD book this past weekend after watching the kGTD video and thinking this could finally be the system that works for me. I installed the OOpro beta, the kGTD scripts and Quicksilver last night but haven't yet had a chance to work with them.

We'll see how it goes once I get farther along in the book and start working with the software. I'm actually kinda excited and looking forward to it!
I'm in the same boat - I've bought the GTD book but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I'm hoping to go along to one of the seminars that David Allen does too. But without the background, I don't think I'll get much out of the software.

It does look pretty neat though!
KGTD is a remarkable program. I use it daily in combination with quicksilver. You absolutely need to have an understanding of "Getting Things Done." The applescripts are very slick.
I use kGTD daily as does my boss. You can learn enough about Getting Things Done from Merlin Mann's 43Folders blog ( It is good to read the book but you can definitely get started by learning about how to apply Context for Actions.
Definitely Read The Book First.

It's a very practical book organised around doing particular steps which you should follow.

As you work through the process you'll evaluate what your system should be.

Kinkless is a high-functioning implementation of GTD, hence the success and buzz.

It's also done with style and panache, which definitely helps. The thing's classy...

I've used it now since it first arrived and it certainly works great for me. I highly recommend it. But you must work your way through the GTD book and you may find that a notepad and pencil will do all that you need.

Merlin's site is a good general productivity site and he has great exercises and experiments he uses which have many applications.

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