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Why closing OF so slow? Performance issues ? [SOLVED: Sync accidentally enabled] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Folks :

Did a search and found nothing on this particular topic, so here I go :

- My MacBook Pro (4GB RAM) has a "decent" database, and I have OF open all day long always. When is time to shutdown, it takes sometimes 15-25 secs to close ...

I don't save anything fancy, no clippings or images, only text is saved in the application ...

Is this related with the size of the Database ?

How can I improve this behaviour ??

One thing that I understand has caused this to happen in the past is a lot of items in the inbox. If you have a really packed inbox you might want to try processing it and see if that helps.
Thanks Lucas, but mine Inbox has only 20 items ... the total database size is less than 8MB (isn't it small ?) !

Try syncing before closing and see if that speeds up the close process. If it does, it is not the close but the syncing it does when closing.

If syncing is the culprit, I would take a look in preferences, syncing tab to see what computers are registered. If you have a computer or iPhone that hasn't been synced in a while (more than 24 hours) try syncing it (or removing it if it is no longer used), and you will most likely see your close process speed up quite a bit.

I have over 100 projects and over 2200 tasks and mine closes quite quickly. John
Do you have syncing turned on? If so, the app will do a sync before quitting, which could explain the delay.

If that's not the case, the answer to your question re: database size is "it depends". If you have files attached - either by dragging in from the finder or from using the Mail Clip-o-tron and/or Clipping Service - then 8MB probably isn't that big.

If you *aren't* attaching files or using clipping, though - if your database is just actions you've typed into OmniFocus, then 8MB starts sounding bigger.

If you're reading this far into the post, I'm assuming you have sync turned off. If you select File -> Move Old Data to Archive... from the menu bar, how many actions does OmniFocus suggest moving to your archive?

If that number is large, you may want to try that. Quit, re-launch, and re-quit OmniFocus. Is the shutdown time shorter?

Last edited by Brian; 2009-05-08 at 02:57 PM.. Reason: forgot to include file attachments in 3rd paragraph
Thanks Brian / Kendrick !

- I had sync turn on, apparently ... saw "ADVANCED" with the web location "" ... anyway, I turned to NOTHING. Closed the app, open it again, do nothing and close it again: 16 secs !!!!

- I am not attaching files or clipings, so after asking OF to "Move Old Data to Archive", it says : 1 item !!!!

Any other ideas ?

Try File --> Rebuild Database. Now that syncing is off, that may compress the database. While syncing was on, OF would have accumulated a log of every edit you ever made.

If you've turned off syncing, the File->Compact Database command becomes available. I'm not seen File->Rebuild Database ever have any appreciable impact on database size, but only rarely have I run it with syncing off.

8 MB is pretty big if you've just been typing in actions. You can get an item count by using the Terminal and entering the following command:

sqlite3 ~/Library/Caches/com.omnigroup.omniFocus/OmniFocusDatabase2 'select count(*) from Task';
The number printed out will be approximately the count of projects + actions in your database.
Thanks for all the feedback !!!!

What a weird behaviour ....

I was about to proceed as suggested (rebuild db), when I double-check one more time the DB size (to see how it change before-after) ... WHAT ? not it says "Omnifocus.ofocus" 64KB ... YES ... ???????

Why it didn't happend after turning sync off and off/on the app ?

Was it after the reboot of the Mac ??

Anyway ... now it shuts down in like 1 sec ...

Problem solved ... but the mistery remains !!!!

By the way, whpalmer :

The result of running the command is 516 ....


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