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First of all, congrats on version 6, I think it is a huge improvement over 5. I was always at odds with that darn floating inspector, gone are those days!

However, I do struggle with the stencils a bit. First of all, opening, closing - navigation in general is quite slow compared to V5. It takes a noticeable to considerable time to open some of the stencils. The same would open without a second's hesitation in V5.

I also think the rendering of the stencils themselves appear to be inconsistent with respect to size. I.e., in some cases stencils are small pictograms (the way I like it) in other cases they are huge. The color stencils in common for example make me feel I am playing with big lego blocks. Crazy.

Biggest problem I have is the fact that I find myself constantly scrolling. Imagine I grab an object from a stencil and place it in the drawing. The inspector now switches to what it thinks is the most logical tool (object inspector). But if I want to drag more/similar objects from my stencils on, I will have to click the stencil inspector and again scroll to the area where I dragged the previous object from. If I am creating a diagram with electronics, I am likely first to place all the components, then connect them. But now I need to click and scroll all the time. Not cool, not cool at all ! This kind of clumsiness is bugging the snot out of me.

Also, the stencils are no longer a collapsible list; the parent object is always expanded. For example, "Maps" is not just a single line item, it shows Africa, ANtarctica etc. on 7 subsequent lines. So with quite a few stencils added, I am working that mouse wheel again - scrolling like crazy all the time.

Last part, the inspection area appears it can be sized (vertical handle at the bottom) but doesn't let me. Bug ?

All in all, I like V6 but at least in the stencil area there are some workflow issues in my opinion.
Yes, the autoswitching between the different inspectors is driving me nuts. I cant find a way to turn that off and I'm find myself in an constant scrolling mode. Not effective at all.
Double-clicking an inspector tab will lock its selection (a small lock icon will appear to reflect this) to temporarily disable the auto-switching. (Double-clicking again - or simply clicking on a different inspector tab - will clear the lock.)

Hopefully the auto-switching will aid most people most of the time and the locking will be a good solution for those cases where people need a specific inspector to remain selected for an extended period, but if that doesn't work well for you, please use Send Feedback from the Help menu to let us know.

(If it works well for you some of the time, but not other times, and you can identify specific use cases where we're switching when we shouldn't - or not switching when we should - please note that in your feedback. It does try to avoid auto-switching in situations where it's less likely that the switch would be desirable.)

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