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I would like to have the ability to add my own columns like OO does. I know this isn't pure GTD. I think GTD is a great starting point, however, it doesn't cover everything.

I've used OF to manage my work and found it keeps me focused. This is a blessing.

My boss would like to see other information when we discuss tasks. He would like to see how many people are helped, what's the risk of this task (High - Low), and what's the cost of not doing this (or not doing it now). He would like to see if this is a regulatory requirement. My boss loves stoplight icons so a badges column might help.

Now I have to use a separate spreadsheet to satisfy him. His spreadsheet and my OF get out of sync. His spreadsheet isn't GTD. Oy!

I support about 60 people. Who sent the Idea/Task would be nice without having to dig into notes.

Moving tasks to OP would help too. Though putting a deadline on a task makes that date permanent even if the task is subsequently preempted.

Keep up the great work!
I posted this in the thread "time visualtization and calender preferences" but thought I should add it to this thread.
I previously posted in this thread the need for omniplan and omnifocus to be able to communicate with each other. For myself this would be unnecessary if omnifocus was able to visualise tasks in a timeline.
I'm doing a phd and need to manage my own research project. Omniplan is too feature rich for me as I only have myself to manage but I do need to be able to see how all my tasks fit together and allocate time accordingly (something that can be done in omniplan). There are fields for start and end time and duration, surely these could be translated into a simple timeline (not in ical). Something similar to what can be seen in the image under the "visual timelines" heading in the omniplan webpage. The ability to edit the start and end times from the visual timeline window would also be great.
It's great to dump all your tasks into the program but the ability to visualise/time them is essential.
I too posted in time visualizations but would like to add it here in case in has a better chance of getting picked up:

I too am stuck in the nether world between omnifocus and omniplan. Particularly I would like to be able to set up dependencies across many projects. As in I can't start project y until project x is complete even though they are completely different, due to "necessary work space" issues for example.

Things work fine on sequential actions if it is contained within a projects action list, but it is much more difficult to have a secondary project become active after, say, the 3rd item is complete from a different project list.

With development of the iPhone omnifocus, and logically when the entire mac platform goes to touch - it would be fantastic to be able to just "touch" grab and project and drop it onto a step in a different project to create a "has to be done before" or "can't be completed until" dependency much like what is possible in omniplan.

For those who say I should do this (with a mouse) in omniplan, the problem is I cant transfer omnifocus files back and forth between the 2 and keep any relevant information!

I guess that is where things need to start - allow omniplan cross transferable manipulation of omnifocus data for those who have paid for the higher end functions. It is really frustrating to not be able to use the same data across both programs. Dual Entry, even when minimal, sucks.
I'd love to see this!
I often drag OF items to the Mail app to send assignments to people. Now, since I work in a "Windows" house - no one else as OF so they can't open the link - but I can when they respond with an update so it makes it easy for me to get to the right place and update.

If would be great if, in addition to adding the link in the email, if OF could add the due date and the notes!

Originally Posted by Pablofp View Post
To move forward some of my non-urgent but interesting projects, I would like to have relative due dates in each task, so new task will appear after a number of days from the date the previous task was completed. With this approach, my due day list would not appear full of uncompleted items that I have to reschedule, and these projects will flow with my more important or urgent projects.
Recently, I have decided to clear due dates for the tasks of these projects and check the due date of the first task in every revision, adding new due dates as needed. But I would like to write in the due date field something like +5d to indicate that the due date is 5 days after the completion of the previous task.
I second this one. If I create a sequential project with 10 steps, I don't want to assign due dates to each of the sequential steps because step 1 may slip and need to be pushed back. I don't want to have to push back all 9 remaining tasks or see them pollute my task list. When I'm doing task review in context mode, if I check off task 1 as complete, I need to remember that there are 9 more tasks in the project that I need to start assigning due dates for. I frequently forget that, and tasks drop off my radar until I look at the section that groups the tasks without a due date. This is a serious limitation, IMHO and I've heard three other similar complaints from co-workers.
In OmniOutliner, notes can be displayed "Inline" or "in Pane". I'd love to see OmniFocus incorporate a similar option at the *project* level. With "Display in Pane" enabled, when you click on a task in a project, the project's notes are displayed in the pane. That way you could jot task-specific notes and project-specific notes without having to switch the current focus.


Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch
Can we get the ability to change the status of a folder just like you can a project.
Originally Posted by ROAL View Post
Can we get the ability to change the status of a folder just like you can a project.
You can change the status of a folder, but your choices are limited to "Active" or "Dropped" which makes sense considering a folder is not a project and cannot be "Completed".

I guess maybe a folder could be on hold, but the end result would pretty much be the same as "Dropped".
Would be sweet if in the notes section of a task you could outline as if it were an Omnioutliner page. I have a lot of notes to keep along with my projects/tasks and am looking forward to the day that OF offers more note/outline features.
Originally Posted by oschultz View Post
Would be sweet if in the notes section of a task you could outline as if it were an Omnioutliner page. I have a lot of notes to keep along with my projects/tasks and am looking forward to the day that OF offers more note/outline features.
That would be nice. I add lots of notes too.

Another option, perhaps easier implemented, is to just support Mac OS X's standard text view capabilities (NSTextView). This would allow us to do some of the cool things that can be done in apps like TextEdit, Yojimbo, and many others:
  1. Display a formating ruler to change spacing, tab stops, alignment, etc.
  2. Support system-wide saved styles
  3. Autocompletion of text by using the Esc or F5 key
  4. Selection of columns of text by holding the option key and dragging the mouse cursor over some text
  5. Auto-formatted lists with a variety of bullet/number/letter types. To try this out, open TextEdit, hit Option-Tab and start typing. Hit Return to create new list items. Alternatively, select some lines of text and choose a list style from the ruler.

UPDATE - Wow, I just realized that OmniFocus already supports the autocompletion of text (item #3 in the list above). But you just can't use the Esc key to trigger the autocompletion since it's already used to exit editing mode. But F5 works beautifully!

It seems there's partial support for some of the other standard text capabilities as well. Like #4, selection of text columns, you get the proper cursor when holding down the Option key, but it only allows you to select a single line of text.

The same for #5: using Option-Tab creates a single list item, but hitting return does not create additional list items. Nor does there seem to be a way to change the bullet/number/letter type since we have no access to the formatting ruler.

So close, yet so far!

Last edited by Toadling; 2008-05-02 at 10:40 AM.. Reason: Updated with new findings

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