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How do you handle task slippage? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
I'd probably make that task the parent item of an action group, with the hard due date attached. Then make items in the action group for each of the check-points you'd like, with start dates for when you want the reviews to pop onto your radar screen.

Would that work for you?
It would work for some things, and not for others. I tend to put a LOT of questions out and don't necessarily want something that's too top-heavy. Often times, the question is the only action. If I created a project for each of them, I'd sit around managing my GTD all day and not getting much done. I actually do tend to use this for multi-step projects today. It's the small one-offs that I'm trying to capture.

A more granular review system would be great. Like, if I could click on a task and say "review in 3 days", that would solve everything, I think.
You should think more about standardizing your own workflows and habits. Its more about you than the software in this case, i.m.o.

I don't think pushing due dates is a good idea at all. Set a due date and let it be hard. Then put a next review of e.g. 1 day. Now, if you make certain that you review every day; that project will be popping up every day and you can decide on a daily basis if you want to contact that guy and ask him how that task is moving. Use flags if you want, it doesn't matter (although flags can be used for individual actions). Again you must make absolutely sure you review all flagged items daily. Its about getting into a routine...
Originally Posted by colicoid View Post
I don't think pushing due dates is a good idea at all. Set a due date and let it be hard. Then put a next review of e.g. 1 day.
I agree on the due date thing, but I only do it because I can't see any way to do a review of 1 day. I can do that for projects, but that breaks down for individual tasks. I have about 50 individual items I'm waiting on an answer for. I slam them all into a single-action project, so I don't want to review each one every day. If the review process were more granular, this would work for me.
Yes, the granularity of the review mechanism in OF is flawed. Its a well known/discussed fact at the moment. I deal with "waiting" by using contexts like this:

@waiting for
@waiting for: person 1
@waiting for: person 2

I review these contexts daily.
The plain @waiting for is for misc stuff/people Im waiting for.
People I work with all the time (person1/2) I have specific contexts for. This system is separate from the flags/reviews for me and the trick is to review it on a regular basis. It also supports granularity on a task level.
It doesn't sound like anything is eluding me, but I have tried out a slightly revised workflow: I assign due dates only to very important items that have firm dates, and to any "Waiting" context that I'd want to tickle someone. In tha sense the Waiting due dates are not firm, but the rest are. This seems to work fine, though I would prefer some separate way of being able to designate when to tickle an item. I wait on a LOT of answers, so reviewing them all isn't very practical at the moment.
chrobb: you are right, there is no built in system that supports exactly what you need.

Perhaps you could combine the waiting-for-context system with review dates. But you would have to consistently name those waiting-for actions in a special manner so that you can separate them from non-waiting-for actions during the review.

During review, when you see an action called: "wait-for steve to repair the router" you can decide on a date when you want to phone the guy and ask how its progressing and set the next-review date to that.

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