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SOLVED: Mysteriously growing OmniFocus.ofocus file Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I was able to finally finish the process when I returned home today.

Totally fixed it for me.

Lizard for President!
Originally Posted by Lizard View Post
The extra .client files are generally going to happen when you change your sync settings. For example, you switch from MobileMe to some other WebDAV and back again. So once you've got a stable solution syncing happily, this shouldn't happen. (If you do see it happening even when you're not messing with your sync settings, please send an email to, so we can figure out what's gone awry.)
Ah, that makes sense: I did bounce around between a generic WebDAV and MobileMe initially. I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks again for the tip!
This thread is sounding more and more like an advertisement for a weight loss company.

This morning I received an email from the support ninjas; they suggested I try rebuilding my database. I'd already tried this, but I gave it another go and it reduced my file from 2.1MB to 500K. Now I can run on the beach and play with my children with ease. Thanks Omni Group!

I've since looked in my server OF file and there's only 2 .client files as their should be. Still, i'm very jealous of those people with files under 50k. Being on a limited data plan (and a small one at that) I'm reluctant to sync large files.
I've spent the last few hours wrestling with things. My iDisk OF file is about 1.1MB. When I opened it a few hours ago, it had files dating back to July 10th, when I did my first sync. Presumably each of the .zip files I see (approximately 550 of them) corresponds to every change I've made on my iPhone or one of my two computers. There was a linger .client "write-in-progress" file that I deleted, but otherwise, there were no additional .client files beyond my three devices.

I did a ton of synching after that, and nothing changed. I tried compacting my database on one of my mac clients, thinking it would trigger a merge of all those changes, but that didn't help either.

Finally, I deleted the entire iDisk file and started anew. Even when I reset my synch data from my Mac to the iDisk server, it still re-creates all those 550 zip files that went back to July 10th.

Looking at my historic backups, my OF file was 56KB on July 9th. It passed 1MB on the 14th and is now up to 2.5MB. When I open these local files, I see all the changes back to July 10th. So, it looks as if the local OF file isn't merging things back into the database. This is somewhat backed up by the fact that all the change files show back up on the server when I do a reset from my local OF file. I'll e-mail this and the file to the Support Ninjas so they can have a look-see.
For people who have files under 100K, how many tasks do you have approximately?
Not exactly an answer to your question, but a data point: my OmniFocus package is currently 263.7 K, and I have 186 projects and 1,674 actions in my OmniFocus database. My package (on the local disk) contains 121 items.
Hi Chrobb,
I ran into the same problem. After deleting and the first sync, I did a second sync, rebuild database and synched again.
Now I'm at about 35K.
It looks like the sync process can handle distinct changes quite perfect.

(1) New action A on client X
(2) Changed action B on client Y
(3) New action C on client Z

It get's a little fragmented as my changes are depending on each other.

(1) New action A on client X
(2) Changed action B on client Y
(3) Changed action A on client C

In this case, it looks like the Transactions are depending on each other and it's hard to decide what can be deleted. Especially if the clients are not synched after every change.

Just an observation, that might be completely wron, but I did a lot of testing the past few hours.

Hope that helps in any way.

Kind regards
Hmmm. Well, i've trimmed down to 200 tasks, and I've still got a 500k file. So something is still not quite right, even after all the rebuilds, and the 'lizard' maneuver.
Sorry about the "me too" posting, but -- yeah, me too. My file is steadily growing, even though I only have one .client file per device (three macs -- no iPhones or the like). it's now at 9.0M with over 2,196 .zip-files in the bundle. That just ain't right... (And, because iDisk does per-file-sync stuff, I guess it's one of the reasons why my iDisk syncs have slowed down?)

This behavior seems like a bug to me, no matter what the reasons (e.g., transactional integrity) are... Even though I rarely use/sync with my laptop, for example, the size of my other files shouldn't have to increase by an order of magnitude or two.

And in the interest if efficient iDisk syncing, it seems that limiting the number of files would be important too. According to the Apple docs, a high number of files is an important slowdown reason for the iDisk.

So... Anything I can do beyond the .client hack (since I only have one per device)? Sync all devices like repeatedly and rebuild like crazy? :->

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