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How do you manage multiple projects? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Let's compare it to a program from M$ ;) (I'm talking about the standrad version, not the server) There you have a resource pool. In this file the working hours of the resources are defined. The you can use those resources in an individual project file, assign a percentage usage to a task (meaning you'r assigning a certain percentage of the defined working hours).
Originally Posted by Greg Titus View Post
Yeah, I didn't mean to imply equal divisions either (50/50 was just an example). And the underlying issue I'm trying to get at is in the data model rather than the UI. There is new information needed about a resource (in this example, whether (s)he is 100% available overall in all projects or only 50% available overall) which is not captured in either project #1 or #2 (in which the resource is 50% available in both).

So in order to support what we're talking about here we'd need some kind of additional store of information about resources that is outside of and in addition to the projects themselves.
Hi - I am not sure this is the right place to post this but it is on this topic - I have been watching (and waiting) for OmniPlan to be able to manage multiple projects as native functionality rather than workarounds. My business, like many others, involves working with multiple clients however in our case, each client having multiple projects. Some Resources will be common to all projects and some resources will only be common to some projects (based on skills/experience). Two things are important to manage this
1) an overview (dashboard if you like) of all projects viewed on a common timeline (timelines normally extend to more than 2 years and I could be wanting to monitor more than 50 projects at a time - could be a report but preferably a screen that I can drill down into to see project detail as needed.
2) The ability to create reports for All projects, All by Client, All by Category(type), All by Project Manager or by Analyst (resource) etc. Our Projects and resource allocation are actually fairly simple in plan structure but there are many of them (we use the same basic plan structure over and over so we would use the template feature a lot).

Another thing I will need (which may be achievable with the custom fields perhaps - I am not sure of this) is to monitor revenue from projects. Monitoring costs is only half the equation and project profitability (ROI) is important.

The lack of built-in multiple project management capability is holding me back from investing in OmniPlan as I will have to enable multiple users to make best use of the app (I'm a Omni Focus user and love the software). I will keep following the forums and releases until I can see the program has this feature - thanks for allowing me to give this feedback.
I'd love to know what thread you moved him to. Any solutions?
Sorry for the confusion, Nveer - Bluefusion's post is now in the thread it was moved to. :-)
Another desperate vote for multi-project support. The list of features includes:

1) Cross-project dependencies. If I have a major Project X, and Project Y is waiting until some subtask of Project X is completed, I'd like to have changes to Project X's timeline autopropagate to Project Y. Not just end-of-project to beg-of-project, although that could suffice for the short term given enough manual song and dance.

2) Resource balancing across projects. I'm writing scripts right now to report this, but my upchain management forgets that projects do not exist in a bubble. If we have three projects running concurrently, and Adam is on all three, then he cannot be running at 300%. They look at each project in turn, and lose the big picture. Since I can't request new managers, I'll take features I can use to make them take notice of the problem.

I'm sure I'll think of more, but those are the big two. :)
Hi, We're evaluating OMNIPlan 2.0 for use within our company. Is there a view of some sort w/in 2.0 to manage multiple projects?

Each individual project could be set up independently but we need an overhead management view that realizes (and enforces) the constraints on resources across multiple projects!

How to do this? It's not clear in the limited documentation.

After reading this post I'm, unfortunately, not even sure it's possible (even though it has been talked about since 2007!?!)

Merged a thread from the pre-release beta with the existing thread (the one this post appears in).

See this post (and subsequent) for the most current info as of the time of this writing. Hope this helps!
wow this has been an issue since 2007! and no action to resolve this yet, should I be worried? I think so.
I have also mulite project for working.It is also shows our quality about work and also how we mange.
I am also in the same boat, working with multiple projects..
thanks for all the tips!

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