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Hey guys. I'm new to Omnifocus, and I've got a problem that I can't solve by watching the help videos or by reading the PDF user manual. I want to create a view that allows me to see all of my upcoming tasks that are due within the next week or 7 days or something. Right now, when I go to the "Due" perspective, it only shows me the tasks that are due today and tomorrow. I can't get get it to show me items 7 days in advance. Nor can I get it to show me the items that are due up until the end of the week.

Is this customizable?

First, turn on the View Bar if not already on (cmd-shift-V or View->Show View Bar). Go to context mode mode, and set the options on the right to due, due, remaining, any duration, any flag state. Close the groups that are more than a week out. Now go to the Perspectives menu and save this as a perspective, and you can quickly bring it up whenever you want it. The built-in Due perspective uses the Due Soon setting for the action filter, which will eliminate any actions due in the future beyond the setting of the Due Soon value, which defaults to 2 days.
Another option is to simply set the value of "Due Soon" to 7 days, in the Data section of the preferences. Doing that means you'll always get the Due Soon styling of any action due within 7 days, and the built-in Due perspective will reach out to the 7 day mark. I think the other approach is a bit more flexible -- you get the longer range view and the uh-oh, better get cracking on this stuff view, but the right choice is what works best for you.
Thanks for the help. That works pretty well. I have another question. I like to see what day everything is due, but when I see all of my tasks that are due "within the next week", the dates aren't that helpful. All I see is "TASK A (DUE DATE) 7/11/09". Then I have to go back and think, "Oh wait, is that Friday or Saturday?"

Is there a way that I can see which days of the week my tasks are due? Can they be grouped by the days of the week, like "Due Today", "Due Tomorow", "Due Friday". Or can I format the date shown in the "Due within the next week" category to show something like "Monday, 7/13/09"? I looked for a setting in the preferences, but I couldn't find one.


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No, there's nothing like that at the moment of which I'm aware. Use Help->Send Feedback or email to to send in your feature requests so they are officially noted. The more people requesting something, the higher the priority Omni puts on it.

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