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In recent months, I've tried a large number of GTD apps, including Omnifocus a few times. I wound up settling on RTM, but with iPhone 2.0 coming out on July 11, I'm definitely leaning towards Omnifocus. I've tried out all of the features, and despite some minor quirks, it seems great.

The only thing I need to know before I move my system to OF is what web-based interface to use. From my understanding, there are only two ways, at this point, to access and manage OF tasks online:

1) Omnifocus Web UI - This app was started by the Omnigroup staff and later continued by generous members of this forum. Written in Ruby, it requires users to turn their mac into a web server. There are some great resources available to make this process very simple, though.

2) Toodledo Sync - In my understanding, this operates much like Spanning Sync, which syncs iCal with Gcal. This, however, syncs Omnifocus with a web-based to-do list called Toodledo. In their forums, it looks like it may have had some major bugs recently, and it's not clear whether or not it is still usable.

My question: Which is better, and is there an even better alternative? If you only have experience with one, what are the pros and cons? If you've used both, which one reigns supreme?

Any help is greatly appreciated...
I've used option 2 everyday for several months. It works very well. I have a Macbook so I can't turn it into a server (unless I want it running all the time).
Thanks, msc. That's all I needed to know.

I, too, have a macbook, so I wasn't sure how I would be able to pull off a web server, especially since it's always on the go. Toodledo definitely sounds like it's worth the money.
Hmmm, I'm having some issues getting the Toodledo sync to work.

I have some dummy tasks in the free trial version of OF, and I'm trying to get the sync to work with my free version of Toodledo. I configured the script with the following specifications:

Perspectives: I made a perspective (called "Perspective") from the default library view.

Store Toodledo Password: yes

Always Sync Inbox: yes

Create Projects as Private: yes

Move Tasks Between Projects: yes

Notifications: growl

I've installed the script, and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling many times. I have the toolbar sync icon in Omnifocus, and I've deleted all of my old Omnifocus stuff (although I had to do this manually because the install and reinstall scripts couldn't do it).

When I try to run the sync, I keep getting this error:

AppleScript reported the following error:
md5: option requires an argument -- s
usage: md5 [-pqrtx] [-s string] [files ...]

Nothing has transferred over to Toodledo. Any thoughts?

If your version of the sync works, are you using RC1 (b22) or an older version?

Thanks for all your help.
I've tried just about every combination of user setting available, and I keep getting the same error. I even tried removing notes and attachments from the tasks, and it's still not working.

It seems like there have been a lot of recent issues with the syncing. I'm guessing it's because of changes to Toodledo's infrastructure. I'm very interested in knowing if anybody's sync is still working properly, and if so, what version you're using.
I just found out about the Toodledo integration today and wow... I love this. This will definitely do until the proper OmniFocus iPhone app comes out.

So after 1/2 a day of using it vs using the old Web UI included, I would say the Toodledo sync option is the better of the two. With Toodledo, you can use Jott to get items into your Inbox. Previously, I was using the email function, which is not such a bright idea when driving. That alone makes it worth switching to me.

Plus the Web UI has no Project view, only Context view. And you can't edit actions in the Web UI, you can only mark them complete. The only thing the Web UI is better at is the look and feel.

I can't speak as to the problems getting it working, but mine works great. Something you might want to look out for if it's not working is non-standard characters in your data... do you have a $ in a project name? How about a ! or a & or a %.
Originally Posted by dconjar View Post
My question: Which is better, and is there an even better alternative?
It probably depends on your goals, but the version of OmniFocus which runs on the iPhone and iPod touch is definitely my preferred method of accessing my tasks whenever I'm away from my Mac. (I no longer have any need to sync with iCal or any web service, since I always have my complete task list in my pocket. And unlike the web, I can access and update it anywhere—even when I don't have net access—since its task list is a synchronized copy that lives on the phone itself.)
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
It probably depends on your goals, but the version of OmniFocus which runs on the iPhone and iPod touch is definitely my preferred method of accessing my tasks whenever I'm away from my Mac.
And as the author of the Toodledo sync utilities, let me say that it was always designed as a stop gap until the mobile app. In fact, while I do use toodledo still, for capturing tasks I instead use the notes program on the iPhone, which I then email to myself and use a modified version of Omni's email processing script to shuttle tasks into my inbox.

I'm very much looking forward to the mobile version of OF, while there are a few features that the Toodledo sync has over the mobile app, the primary usability of the native app will likely trump them for me. As someone who RARELY cable-syncs his phone, I was praying for over-the-air sync long before the SDK was even released, and it was part of my motivation for the OFTD project.

So is Omni stomaching the idea of a mobileme webapp (as in, who has the time to rewrite OF in Sproutcore = windows users...)

It's nice to see that the Toodledo sync is still working, since a web interface is something I will still need after the iPhone app is released.

I am still having the same issues getting the sync to work, but it may be because I'm using the trial version of OF and the free version of Toodledo.

It took a little bit longer this time, and then I finally saw that beautiful growl notification I've been waiting for forever.

It didn't work at first for at least one of two reasons:

1) My Toodledo password had nonstandard characters ($, #, @, etc.)
2) I needed a license for Omnifocus.

Whatever it was, I finally have it working. RTM just wasn't doing it for me, so I really hope this does the trick. Thanks for everyone's help!

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