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Originally Posted by Cortig
Good RSS feeds???? I positively *hate* RSS in Safari. Maybe through Sage in FireFox, but certainly not the way it's implemented in Safari. If I want a decent feedreader, I get NetNewsWire.

Or newsticker which does a different thing and "scrolls" the stories smoothly.

I better add this: I had my own ,rare, non reproducable 5.1 bugs which I believe totally my "OS X installation" problems.

As I didn't know 5.5 beta is accessible to people, I forced myself into Safari.

Now the point is: I lived the hassle to enable Safari debug menu just to DISABLE RSS support! Imagine a guy not having a single custom bookmark on Safari doing that. It irritated me that much.

A browsers RSS support should exactly be like Omniweb. Nothing more. The RSS support in Omniweb is great for sites updated twice a day or like sites which posts occasional updates.

If Omni Group invents a new thing for handling RSS, I won't be against it of course. (not speaking about where the RSS "sense" feature built into Safari comes from)

Last edited by Ilgaz; 2006-05-09 at 08:31 AM..
I certainly hope that OmniWeb gets a better bookmarks interface. At present it is slow and not very user friendly. Unfortunately, it copies Safari et al instead of having a sidebar which enables much, much faster surfing. Too many mouse clicks.
Another browser that no one has mentioned is Webstractor ( ). Truthfully it is more of a web research utility than a true browser. Would be great if OmniWeb had some of its capabilities. I hesitated posting the link though since many things I have been asking be fixed have been ignored for years.

Features/Bugs I have been requesting
- Better bookmark navigation when adding bookmarks.
- Delete empty tabs automatically when opening bookmarks in tabs.
- Close windows automatically when dragging all tabs out of the window.
- Use external download manager i.e. interarchy.
- Cache content for workspaces.
- Large forms take forever to submit.
- Show whether the site (and the current page specifically) has already been bookmarked in the location bar
- Have the option to view bookmarks sorted by host.
- Allow editing of cached pages (see Webstractor for details).
Probably my absolute favorite feature in Safari is fast launch speed. *drool*
For me, the big, glaring issue with Omniweb (which Camino also suffers from) is the fact that it's not very easy to write plugins to extend it. I think an amazing start would be to somehow support inputmanagers that have been written for Safari, though I have absolutely no idea if this is completely impossible or not.

This is one of the major reasons why I keep reverting to Safari - for most things, it's Good Enough, and the fact that there are a good number of plugins to add functionality is the tipping point.

Of interest: I hacked the PithHelmet SIMBL plugin to see if I could get it to load in the Omniweb 5.5 beta and it worked, sort of. Obviously PithHelmet needs to be rewritten to fully support OW, but the fact that I could get it to load and sort of work is a good sign.
Originally Posted by Abhi Beckert
Probably my absolute favorite feature in Safari is fast launch speed. *drool*
It's interesting to hear how other people use their software. Unless something odd happens, I launch OW about once per SP release. Most of my apps get launched about once per month or two.
Originally Posted by Forrest
It's interesting to hear how other people use their software. Unless something odd happens, I launch OW about once per SP release. Most of my apps get launched about once per month or two.
I just counted the icons in my dock: 43. Every single one gets used daily, and I'm not exaggerating. I have a 12" screen and the tiny icon size drives me nuts, so every now and then I desperately go over the list in an attempt to remove items/get bigger icon size. There are also a ton of other apps I use once a week or so that I usually launch via spotlight (or quicksilver when I was running panther).

If I took your approach, I'd have an insane number of applications open at once, and that would mean I'd also have an insane number of icons in the command-tab panel, which is my primary method of switching apps. While working on some projects I switch apps extremely often (can be every two or three seconds), so I can't really have any more than 4 or 5 apps available without taking a huge productivity hit. I wish there was a cmd-tab tool that didn't show hidden apps, that'd be sweet!

So, while I certainly have enough ram to keep at least the general tools like web browsers open permanently, I rarely leave anything open.
A 12" screen, ouch. My laptop is a 12". I know what you mean, especially since I like my dock on the right. I have 37 items currently in my dock, 27 are running. I use command+tab very often, but I guess I've gotten used to command+tab, command+shift+tab... and holding either down to quickly get to the app I want.

For me, I gladly trade the launch speed, even on my PB, for the added features that OW offers over Safari. That 2-3 second difference is quickly saved via OW's features.
Launch speed in OmniWeb is also affected by how many tabs you're loading and the history index, if you were to load into an empty workspace and removed your history index launch time should be pretty fast.

If you care to try setting aside your history index, just remove the history index files located in your "~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb 5/" folder.
I've been testing OmniWeb, and like many things about it (having a tab drawer on the side, instead of tabs across the top, is brilliant!)

I've also tested out Camino quite a bit, Opera, and several others.

For me, though, I keep coming back to Firefox because of the extensions. There are extensions that I've grown so accustomed to, that I can't seem to live without them anymore.

I guess since I have a 2GHz Intel iMac with 2GB RAM, I don't notice any speed issues that many people seem to complain about with Firefox on OSX.

Here are a few extensions that *for me* make Firefox my default browser:

* Tab Mix Plus: my new favorite extension. Not only does it offer a dizzying array of tab options (for example, letting you choose what happens when you close a tab: focus last selected, first, left, right...), it has a history of closed tabs that can be saved across sessions (off by default, but a great feature: if you accidently close a tab, you can get it back easily), but it also has a great session manager. You can select which session to restore when re-starting, and it saves crashed sessions as well.

* AdBlock: good stuff. Very configurable.

* TinyURL Creator: great context-menu plugin. I use this when sending URL's to friends via email, so that long URL's don't wrap.

* Google Toolbar for Firefox: not everyone likes it, but I love it. AutoLink, saved search history, spellcheck (will not be necessary with FF 2.0, which will have integrated as-you-type web form spell check just like Google Toolbar.)

* Web Developer Toolbar: awesome. Simply awesome.

Now, I'd LOVE to have a more "OS X native" app, like OmniWeb, and like I said, there are things I love about OmniWeb...I just wish it had a solid plugin architecture, with the developers to support it.

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