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Popup blocking should always allow popups triggered from bookmarklets Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I have a bookmarklet that I use to quickly post to my weblog. Right now if I select it the popup window is automatically blocked by Omniweb (sp16).

Could there be a global override for any bookmarklet popups that always allows them? Or could there be a whitelist for allowable popups?
Here's an interesting issue: if I use the command+number feature (press command and a number to select a bookmark in the toolbar) my Movable Type bookmarklet opens in a new tab, always.

But if I click on it, I get a new window that is automatically blocked by OW.

I'm pretty sure this inconsistent behavior is a bug.
I would call it an undocumented feature :)

Holding Command when following a link now creates a new tab in all cases and new tabs can't be blocked... which in itself is not a bug--altho arguably a missing new feature.
Originally Posted by Len Case
I would call it an undocumented feature :)

Holding Command when following a link now creates a new tab in all cases and new tabs can't be blocked... which in itself is not a bug--altho arguably a missing new feature.
But don't you think that selecting a bookmark bar item using command+1 / command + 2 / etc. should behave in the same way as if the item was clicked? It seems confusing to me that using the quick key to select an item would result in a different result than clicking on it.
My point is that this is an unintended "feature" hence the smiley face on my previous post.

It *now* does work just like clicking on it (using the exact same code). If you use the keyboard shortcut with the command key down it works just like clicking on it with the mouse with the command key down--oh wait, you can't *not* hold the command key when the keyboard shortcut has the command key in it.

The problem is that the keyboard shortcut is ambiguous--should the command key have the meaning of opening the link in a new tab or not? Some people want us to obey the command key in the search field (Command-Enter), and we now already do in the url field (for the same reason that we do here).

It's a bit of a dilemma... perhaps we need to add additional shortcuts for opening favorites in the current tab, or perhaps we need to again special case the opening of favorites from hot keys--but I'm not certain which makes more sense.
Personally, I have no problem with the current behavior. One of the reasons I love OW (and Safari) is the ability to quickly open favorites with command-1 thru 9.

And I don't think most users would confuse command-clicking a lick with using a command key shortcut. They're two completely different things.

I think this Movable Type bookmarklet thing is an extremely isolated case which will not affect most OW users, and there is, after all, a workaround.
I have figured out the behavior a little further. I have a bugmenot bookmarklet in the position associated with Command+3. When I click on it normally in sp17, it gets blocked. In order for it to appear in a new tab, besides Command-clicking it, I have to hold Command after releasing 3. If I press Command+3 and release Command immediately, the bookmarklet registers "normally" and gets blocked.

I agree with nelio that this is improper behavior and bookmarklets should never be blocked. I believe they are "requested" popups and should be bound to the preference that popups are only blocked when not requested.
Perhaps you could post links to these bookmarklets so we (and the Omni people) can better understand what they're doing. My guess, it would depend on how these "bookmarklets" are calling their pop-ups. Since they are probably using javascript onload methods to do this, they will be treated as malware and blocked.

I would recommend contacting the authors of these bookmarklets and requesting they re-code in a way to not trigger a pop-up blocker, rather than re-engineering a useful and otherwise reliable pop-up blocker in the browser.
Bugmenot's bookmarklet is:

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