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Since I use the latest version of OF for iPhone, the Info button on the Home screen takes about 30-35 seconds to open the new window. Has someone the same problem?
If you scroll down in that settings screen to the Database section, there should be a message which reads "You have [x] projects and [y] actions stored in [z] zip files". How many zip files does it list?

If you have more than 100 or so, that's probably the reason for the slowness. If you're not synchronizing, try pressing the Compact Database button to consolidate your database history into a single zip file. (The next release of OmniFocus for iPhone will start doing this automatically when appropriate.)

If you have a lot of zip files and can't directly compact it because you're synchronizing, please contact our support ninjas by email ( or telephone (1-800-315-OMNI or +1 206-523-4152) and they can help you get your database down to a reasonable number of zip files again.

Hope this helps!
I have more then 400 zip files... I see a "Reset Database" (I'm translating from the Italian version): if I touch it, it asks me if I want to delete the database from the device.
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I have more then 400 zip files... I see a "Reset Database" (I'm translating from the Italian version): if I touch it, it asks me if I want to delete the database from the device.
Sorry, yes, "Reimposta database" (Reset Database) is a different button. The button I was talking about is "Database compresso" (Compact Database), but it's only visible when syncing is disabled.

What other devices are you syncing with? Maybe one of them hasn't been synchronized in quite a while?
Things are getting worst. I tried to compact the database, but OF crashed. Then it was impossible to have access to the Info screen because OF crashed every time. Then I deleted OF from the iPhone. Installed it again, tried to sync from the database on iDisk (backup directory) via wifi: OF stops to sync at half of the progress bar. Reset the database and sync from a fresh database: OF stops at half of the sync with this message (translated from Italian): "Impossible to sync the local database with the server. Operation could not completed. (cocoa error 512)". By the way, I sync effortlessly from iMac and MacBook (frequent sync, always updated).
First thing I would try would be to delete the iPhone app, reinstall it (as you did earlier), and let the iPhone try to sync and just be patient -- it might take several minutes. I haven't ever seen it hang forever during a sync, but sometimes it will take a long time, especially if it is compacting a large database.

If you are convinced that isn't working, then I would go sync both the MacBook and the iMac. Be sure that both synced successfully. Then, choose one of them to be your "master" machine. Quit OmniFocus on the other machine. On the "master" machine, go to the preferences menu in OmniFocus, select the Sync section, and show the sync clients. You will unregister all of the clients except the "master" machine. After you do that, under the File menu the Compact Database option should now be available (if not, set the sync method to None on the preferences page and try again). Use the File->Compact Database command to compact your database. Now turn syncing back on, and do a sync. That should put your new database out on the sync server. Now start up OmniFocus on the other machine and have it do a sync. If asked, you want to use the server's copy of the database, not the local one. Finally, delete OmniFocus from the iPhone and reinstall it, then set it up to sync. It should have no difficulty syncing.
It works, it works, it works! Thanks, sincerely!
Originally Posted by View Post
It works, it works, it works! Thanks, sincerely!
Meraviglioso! What did you have to do?

One thing that helps keep the database size and sync time under control (besides frequent syncing, of course) is to minimize the number of changes you make on one device when there are unsynced changes on another device. In other words, don't change one project on your iPhone, another one your iMac, and a third on your MacBook all at the same time. Doing a sync before and after making some changes helps keep the transaction graph simpler.

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