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"back" broken? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Way to go! This goes a long way to making this usable as an everyday browser. Looking forward to SP13 -- any day now?
Woohoo! SP13 and seem to be getting along famously now. Thanks Len!
Yes, indeedy! Even, which did it every time, is working now. Great work, Len!
I still have an instance where it won't go back with sp14. On the bright side, seems to be working for me now.

I'll write up a better bug report to send directly. Suppose I am in a Yahoo group, blocking all ads (it works correctly if ads are allowed), and I click on a person's user name to bring up their profile. If I block the ads, I get a message on the page that says:
Cannot Load Address
Stopped loading <
f=150000389&p=usprofiles&l=LREC&c=sh>: canít find host
And I can't press the back button and go back. I have to go down one further spot in the back button's history.

The back button works correctly if I am showing ads and do the same thing on a different person.
Yahoo is tricky with their ads. I tried to quash them all and got a similar error. I wound up using CSS to whack the ads.

Here's the site CSS I use:

  /* personals, soapcity ad (forms) */
  form[action=""][name^="300x250"] { display: none !important }

  /* text banner */
  div#ymadbn { display: none !important }

  /* mail: logout page page */
  body[bgcolor="#ffffff"] tr[bgcolor="#eeeeee"] td[align="center"][valign="top"] p table[bgcolor="#cadaf8"][width="250"][cellpadding="4"] tbody { display: none !important }

  /* "Sponsored Matches" at the bottom */
  body[bgcolor="#ffffff"] center p table[width="750"] td[width="540"][valign="top"] table[width="100%"][cellpadding="2"] td[valign="top"] table[width="100%"][cellpadding="1"][bgcolor="#999999"] { display: none !important }

  /* yahoo search - sponsored results: updated */
  div#yschres div.yschspns { display: none !important }

  /* yahoo directory - sponsored results */
  div.ydirspns { display: none !important }

  /* floating iframe survey prompt */
  div#yad_win { display: none !important }

  /* sponsored results */
  body div#results div[class="st sr"]:first-child,
  body div#results ul.ovr, body div#east { display: none !important }

  /* ads above grid */
  body > center > p { display: none !important }

  /* grid ads */
  div#ytvMainBody > div.grid_cont ul.grid#oGrid li.adRow {
    display: none !important

  /* ads above programming info */
  body > center > p { display: none !important }

  /* programming info ad and sponsored links */
  div.tabs div.adContainer,
  div.tabs div.tabContainer div#masterdiv { display: none !important }
Thank you for the CSS. Where would I put that?
I don't care whether or not I see the error text. I just want the back button to work without my having to do anything special.
First remove any AdBlock prefs related to yahoo. That will fix any "back" errors (I don't get any).

Then save what I posted as something like "yahoo.css" (name unimportant) anywhere you like. Then, while viewing, open up "site preferences" (under the omniweb menu). On the "page appearance" tab, use the "style sheet" popup menu, choose "custom" and then browse to the CSS file you saved earlier.

Refresh the page, and poof! Ads gone.

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