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I'm curious to know how people are working with Someday/Maybe items on the iPhone version of OmniFocus.

I created a Project called "Someday/Maybe". As expected, the Actions within "Someday/Maybe" show up in various Contexts (if a Context has been assigned), or show up in an Actions list below the list of Contexts (if a Context has not been assigned). But I don't want these "Someday/Maybe" Actions to mix in with my active Actions.


If I change the status of "Someday/Maybe" to On Hold, this solves the above issue. Now these "Someday/Maybe" Actions are not mixed in with my active Actions.

But if I want to view the contents of "Someday/Maybe" I need to go into Settings, change "In Projects" to show "All", exit Settings, enter Projects, select "Someday/Maybe" to view the contents, then when finished reverse the process by going back into Settings to change "In Projects" back to "Available".

As another solution...

I created a Context called Someday, and whenever I add an Action to "Someday/Maybe" I just need to remember to assign the Someday Context to that action (which seems a bit redundant).

Is this the way others are handling Someday/Maybe items?

Obviously, this is much easier with Perspectives when I'm working with the desktop version. So perhaps that would be the solution if Perspectives come to the iPhone version?

The one feature I like about the design of the Things iPhone application, is that the Someday/Maybe container is always present on the main page, but anything placed into it does not show up with active Actions.


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Perspectives on the iPhone will be a welcome addition. As to your question, here is how I handle Someday/Maybe projects and tasks.

First, I have a Someday/Maybe folder rather than a single project with that name. In that folder I have a single action list and all the projects that I have defined as Someday/Maybe. Every project is on hold and there are no dates assigned to anything in this folder (* more on this later).

On the iPhone, I have Projects set to 'Remaining' and 'Contexts' set to available. In the various Actions views (Context, Due Soon, etc.) I do not see any tasks from the Someday/Maybe folder as they are blocked (not available). However, when I select the Projects view the Someday/Maybe folder, and the projects and actions contained in this folder are displayed as my preference for Projects is set to Remaining.

During my weekly review, on the Mac, I look at everything in the Someday/Maybe folder to see if any actions and/or projects need to move out of that folder and into an active Area (folder) or Single Action List. I may assign a start date up to a month in the future for projects that I consider no longer on hold, but not yet ready for a full active status. This puts the project(s) into my daily review radar, but the tasks are still unavailable, and thus not a distraction, when working my task list throughout the day. If, during my daily review, I decide to move a project forward sooner I change the start date.

* On assigning due dates to Someday/Maybe tasks, I'll first state that I use due dates sparingly, and never to tasks/projects that are on hold. The reason for this is that OmniFocus currently has a 'feature' where the badge count will increment to include due soon/overdue tasks that are not viewable (because they are blocked as the project is on hold) with the Available setting. For me, this is a frustrating distraction to try and track down why the badge shows due soon items that are not displayed when selecting the Due Soon view.

All in all, I've found the above configuration to be very serviceable as is. I do look forward to perspectives on the iPhone-I especially want to duplicate the 'Due or Flagged' perspective that is on the desktop, but I'm pretty happy with what I have now.
That's a very nice solution. Thank you for the detailed response. Much appreciated!
I use Someday/Maybe and Might Buy as contexts. While I recognize they aren't contexts in the GTD sense it does open up Omni Focus for me.

I create top-level folders for each horizon of focus. Then I can use Omni Focus project items in both the traditional sense (Projects folder) but also for other horizons (E.g. Areas of Focus).

For example I use Hockey Player as an OF project item in my Areas of Focus folder and add OF action items such as Play in Las Vegas tournament (Someday/Maybe) or Minnesota North Stars jersey (Might Buy).

The review is nice too because I can do planning in the Projects view or look at a simple flat list in the Contexts view.

- Mark

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