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Could somebody explain me where and how to create someday/maybe list?
Any way you want :-)

Make yourself a parallel project or single action list called "Someday/Maybe", mark it dropped or on hold so the tasks don't show up in your active lists, and put your Someday/Maybe ideas there. Alternatively, create a Someday/Maybe folder, mark it dropped, and use it to hold your Someday/Maybe projects, with an included single action list devoted to holding individual actions/ideas.
What is the point of "On hold" status then?
I thought it indicates that a project is Someday/maybe type.
But since there's no way to view projects on hold all together ( and you suggest to create a folder/project for Someday/Maybes, then I don't see any application of the status.
You can view projects on hold together, and then make a perspective.
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Tough for someone who only has an iPad to do that NaviKhota's only posted on the OmniFocus for iPad forum so far, so I'm assuming he's iPad-only until told otherwise.

What is the point of On Hold status for projects? It's to indicate that the project is not currently active, but you expect to possibly make it so at some point in the future. There are three different project states that one might use to keep a project and its actions out of sight:
  1. On Hold
  2. Dropped
  3. Deferred (future start date)
(and Completed, of course, but I trust no explanation of that state is needed!)

On Hold puts the project on ice indefinitely. To bring it back to life, just set the project status back to Active.

Dropped also puts the project on ice indefinitely, but with the distinction that you don't intend to make it active again. Dropped projects are eligible to be swept out to the archive file, if you're using the Mac application. They are similar to Completed projects in this regard.

Deferred projects are similar to On Hold projects, except that they automatically become active again when the start date is reached, without any action required on your part.

Folders only have two states: Active and Dropped. A folder marked Dropped treats all enclosed projects as if they are also marked Dropped, without the inconvenience of having to individually mark them. However, if you're using the optional Archive feature, some care is required or you may have things swept into the archive that you wanted kept in the active database.
Thank you for the answer.
However, all you wrote had always been clear to me.
My question is:
You say: "On Hold puts the project on ice indefinitely. To bring it back to life, just set the project status back to Active"

Now imagine that I've been doing a project and I want to postpone it indefinitely. According to David Allen it's the same as to place the project to "Someday/Maybe" list.
So, I've got 2 identical ways to do it: 1) Put the project on hold; 2) Move it to "Someday/maybe" folder.
Then either status "On hold" or Folder "Someday/Maybe" doesn't make any sense cause it copies one another.
Is that correct?

Sorry I'm raising lots of questions, I just want to grasp the way the system is ought to be used.
Btw, you were right, I use only iPad version of omnifocus.
I don't have Mac, however am thinking of buying one for iPhone.
For starters, there is no requirement that an OmniFocus user is necessarily using GTD, though it will be easiest and most productive if you at least adopt the notion of projects and contexts. Collecting "someday/maybe" tasks and projects in a specific folder is just one way you might approach organizing your tasks and projects. I don't happen to use it, myself; I would rather have the projects slotted into the proper place in my hierarchy even though they may not be active. On the Mac, I can easily view just the projects which are on hold, so there is less utility in collecting them all in a specific place (the iPad unfortunately doesn't support viewing only projects which are on hold, but I tend to do the reconsideration of projects on hold on the Mac, so it isn't much of an issue for me).

A different angle from which to view this is that if projects frequently move back and forth between active and on hold status, it may be less work to keep them in place and simply change the status. If a project starts life on the someday/maybe list and typically only makes one transition (either to dropped, or active) there isn't much effort wasted moving it around.

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