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Originally Posted by swashbuckler View Post
Hi All,

I've added the bookmarklet as instructed in Safari and I've edited the address so everything before javascript is included. But when I test the link on my mac it brings Omnifocus up but that's all. It doesn't appear to add the page as a task.

Am I missing something?
Yes, OmniFocus 1.8 for your Mac :) The bookmarklet only works on the iPhone/iPod Touch at the moment, because the currently shipping Mac version of OmniFocus (1.7.5) doesn't know what to do with the URLs produced by the bookmarklet.
Originally Posted by MacDork View Post
How do I do that?
See this thread.
Originally Posted by mmurray View Post
With perspectives how do the perspectives: Contexts, Due and Flagged which synced over differ from the iPhones similar perspectives ? I think they were default OmniFocus Mac perspectives.
Right. One difference is that you can edit them (on the Mac) if you want their behavior tweaked a bit, unlike the built-in perspectives on the home screen.
If it was possible I would like to be able to choose to only sync my custom Tickler perspective and have that display at the top level instead in a Perspectives menu. But I imagine others with lots of perspectives might feel differently about this. Just a thought.
Perspectives are stored in the database just like actions, and all of them are synced everywhere. The iPhone app currently disregards the ones that are based on a project mode view. It isn't impossible to imagine that the Settings panel could get a link to another page that allowed controlling which of the synced perspectives were displayed, perhaps similar to the table of switches for experimental functions.
Will this run on the iTablet :-)
Send me one and I'll research it for you :)
Originally Posted by adamayers View Post
How does perspective sync work? I have about 6 custom perspectives on my mac and only one came across will I be able to choose what ones sync with OmniFocus on mac 1.8?
The iPhone app only handles perspectives in context mode, where it isn't necessary to display a hierarchy. Do your "missing" perspectives show contexts or projects?

All perspectives are synced to all clients, just like the rest of the database.
Originally Posted by nawichita View Post
Any way to implement iPhone app view in sidebar of mac app? It will be nice have a sidebar on mac like main window on iPhone. Show perspectives on side bar, no on toolbar; have de same on mac and iphone (of course, editable)
Not at the moment. Use Help->Send Feedback or email to make an official feature request.
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
Works perfectly! Thank you very much!
This is, for me, a flawless upgrade. Much faster synchronizing, and I am particularly happy about the live updating of lists (more specifically, new tasks materializing when their preceding task in a sequential project is checked off). Perspectives are not very useful as they are now, but they're experimental; I am sure the implementation will improve. Very happy about the delete button (a cross in a circle) for due and start times is now responsive -- no need to tap it 47 times anymore to clear the date and time.

Hurray for the developers!
Sync is super fast! I'm so happy! When I turn on perspectives, it seems to take longer though. With no custom perspectives and the perspective feature turned off, it screams. :-D
Originally Posted by HiramvdG View Post
Perspectives are not very useful as they are now
What makes you say that? Are your perspectives mostly project-based? I've found them extremely useful, even though there was a bug until just a few days ago that meant I had to wait about 2 minutes after checking off an action in a perspective!

Specific feedback (here's what I don't like, and why I don't like it, and what I think would work better) is more likely to result in future versions that work the way you want than relying on the developers guessing what changes should be made to get a response other than "this isn't useful to me"....
Originally Posted by sriggs View Post
When I turn on perspectives, it seems to take longer though.
What takes longer? My startups (with a large database and a bunch of perspectives, which should amplify any differences) seem to take the same amount of time with the perspectives turned on or off. It's a bit tricky to make good comparisons on syncs if some work is being done, but the comparisons I did seem to suggest the perspectives feature isn't slowing them down much, if at all. I could believe that it takes a bit longer if you have a sync take place while you are viewing a perspective than if you are at the home screen.

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