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2 OF; 2 computers w/ 2 accounts; 2 mobilemes; 1 Phone Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
is there anything for me to do about this? :)

i have a personal account and work account on my comp. i have OF, syncing on 2 machines that both have a personal and work account, through 2 mobileme accounts. is there any way for me to ummm, have 2 iphone OF's or... i don't want my personal w/ my work, bc i sync that w/ my biz partner's computer. i'd hate to have to get 2 phones!

any ideas?

Hi atn,

I'm not sure if it solves any of your problems. But here are my two cents.

I put a little service together which synchronizes 37signals' Basecamp directly with OmniFocus. Have a look here for some inspiration.

You can create two Basecamp projects (work, home), synchronize your OmniFocus databases on your Mac with either of them and your iPhone OmniFocus database with both of them.

The drawback is that you need a Basecamp account and three Spootnik accounts. Thus, it's maybe a bit complicated.

Spootnik is currently in private beta. If you like to test-drive it you can sign up here and join the private beta crew.

Best regards,
Well, there's no way to install multiple copies of OmniFocus on your iPhone, and OmniFocus doesn't support having multiple sets of sync settings at the same time. (I'm not a coder, but that sure seems like it would get really hard, really fast.)

In any case, it's possible that we'll have features that will make this easier at some point in the future - having some sense of "my tasks" vs. "shared tasks" is one of the things we've thought about. That won't help you in the short or medium term, though.

If you watch our Perspectives video, you could use that to enforce the work/home divide without actually having the tasks in two different databases.

That feature only exists on the Mac right now, so your phone would show tasks from both, though. I know we have requests to bring Perspectives to the phone; if that would help you, send email to the support ninjas; they can attach your email to that item in our development database. (You can do so from the help menu in OmniFocus on your Mac, or from the Settings screen in the app on your phone.)

If that solution doesn't work for you, the only other thing i can think of would be to use an iPhone and an iPod Touch rather than two iPhones...

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