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Sync can duplicate auto-completing projects with due dates [Bug: Will be fixed] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I have a bunch of actions that repeat every day. If I complete one on my iPhone, there's a good chance I'll end up with duplicate actions the next day. Does anyone else see this? Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

I think it might be due to multiple taps. Sometimes there seems to be a lot of lag in OF's response to a tap, so I'm not sure if the tap registered, and I re-tap (a few seconds later). Not clear to me what I should be doing differently, though. Anyone else see this sort of lag in the interface?
Is it possible that you are tapping enough times to check it off (which creates the next one), uncheck it, and check it off again? I see that on occasion, and it isn't as readily noticed because the iPhone doesn't immediately show the newly created action even if you are showing remaining actions.

I also occasionally will check something off in both places before syncing, which will get you an extra if it is a repeating action (because both clients have created the repeat).
I think that's what's happening. Don't know for sure, because there's no visual or audio feedback that multiple clicks have registered. Not sure why there's sometimes no lag in registering a click, and sometimes it's seconds of lag.

It's a very frustrating catch-22 because a second click will put you (almost) back to the original state, with an invisible new action created and no user feedback at all. OF needs to treat an unchecking the completion of an action the same as undo. (Especially because there doesn't seem to be any way to undo on the iPhone.) I know that there's a feature request in for this because I've complained about it a few times. Hope it comes soon.
Another possibility would be that the item got checked off on the iPhone and the Mac before they both got synced with the database. When that happens, each device inherits the next copy of the action that the other one created...
I have OF for iPhone, and Desktop, randomly it seems that i am getting duplicated tasks, it seems to be different tasks each time, and they are all repeating tasks, set to repeat on the 'assigned date'.

This morning i have 2 separate duplicate tasks, when i look at each of them in the inspector, they are completely identical, right down to the 'added' and 'changed' dates so i know i didnt accidentally create 2 separate actions of the same action, plus, this action didnt duplicate itself last week, as another one did.

Any ideas on what i could be doing wrong?

I don't think that's what's happening, I think I'm triple clicking. I just did a test where I completed an action on my iPhone, and there was about a two second lag (maybe 1.5 seconds) before there was any feedback. That seems quite long to me ... is that normal?
I wouldn't say it's "normal", but I know I've seen stuff like this happen on my iPhone, both in OmniFocus and in other applications.

I'm not technical enough to give you an absolute answer as to why that happens. I'm sure there are places where our code could be more efficient, but it's also possible that the iPod/Phone apps are doing something in the background, or that the OS is using processor time to shuffle stuff around on the flash chips in the background.

If you come across particular sets of circumstances where OmniFocus gets hung up, sending in information to the support ninjas will help us find and fix the places where we're at fault. :-)
Okay, we've got two users reporting something similar, both with syncing enabled. I'm moving and merging threads so we can try and narrow down what's going on here.

Chris, are the actions that are doing this for you also repeating actions set to repeat by assigned date?
Brian, this is precisely what is happening to my wife. I sent an email to the support ninjas yesterday ("[OG #434573] Problem with duplicated projects & actions").

She's not double clicking. She's not checking actions off on 2 clients before syncing.

Is it possible that you've got a bug?
Yes, mine are also set to repeat by assigned date.

Some of mine are probably caused by triple-clicking on the phone, but I can't say that I know that all of them are. I'll keep an eye out.

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