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I created a document on the iPad, emailed it to my Mac, opened it and ... no idea where the file is.

There appears to be no "properties" or file info options on the Omni Outliner menus, so I've no idea where the file's been saved to. I exported the file and *thought* I was editing that; I ended up wasting loads of time exporting the finished outline to MS Werd (for the PC mob who'll be consuming the info).

I know this is the Lion way, but please can some sanity come back? I know what a file is, I know how to save it, manage it, etc. I've been doing this for at least 20 years and I really couldn't care less about the new "Lion knows best" regime.
Command-click on the title in the title bar of the window and you'll see where the file is, just like it has been in Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Panther, Jaguar, etc. Any document-based Mac app built on the Cocoa frameworks should provide this functionality it's not an Omni addition.
Gosh, never knew that.

I've learned something *really* useful today.

You may like this part even more: you can use that as a navigation tool. Click on one of the folders in the path and you'll get a new Finder window opened to the selected spot. Also, you can drag the icon to another application (such as the dock icon for Mail) to attach or open the file, or if you have the standard open file dialog open in one app, you can drag and drop the icon there to "jump" the dialog box to the same directory that contains your open document, which is handy if you want to save a file from a different app in the same place.
That's very useful. I got into the original mess as Mail saved the attachment "somewhere" which I would normally open then do a "save as" to put it where *I* want.

In the new scheme, one does an Export. Alas this does what it says and only saves a version of the file whilst continuing to edit the original file.

With your new info, it's much easier to handle:-)
If you just click the Save button in Mail, it saves to somewhere buried in the Mail folders in your Library, which is inconvenient. If you click and hold on the Save button, you get a popup asking what you want to save, and after you make your choice, you'll get the file chooser dialog allowing you to specify where it goes. Or, if you command-click on the attachment, you'll get a popup menu that offers you some options for how to deal with the attachment. Another approach is to drag and drop the attachment where you want it.
Interesting. I came over to the Mac side about 7 years ago and still learn new things.

I can see where Apple are going with this, but I'm sure a lot of it is to do with how hidden a lot of the features are in the interface. In no way an issue with Omni's excellent products; they're just obliged to follow Apple's guidelines and Apple have been getting a lot wrong recently (e.g. that broken full screen implementation, spaces replacement, etc.).

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