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This still annoys the life out of me,, this donkey assed implementation is ridiculous (sorry bout the insults but its getting on my nerves). Im trying to get, its in my bookmarks, but ive been recently on the harmony-central user forum which uses the url

If i type 'harm' in Safari the first in the list is harmony-central. If i type the same 'harm' in OW i get ''. If i have 150+ threads at the forums i have visited in history an only once had i visited the root im forced to scroll a MASSIVE list to get the root harmony-central which is ALWAYS at the very bottom of the list. If i wanted the forums i should just type 'acap' an have this autocomplete. This is an incomprehensibly BONHEADED URL autocomplete implementation. Not only does this occur with harmony central but nearly any website i visit, this is getting beyond a joke.

PLEASE can OW have AUTOCOMPLETE exactly like SAFARI??????? If so when is this getting worked on, ive waited for many years but still nothing has been done. I doubt it would take very much effort. Even Microsoft's Autocomplete works logically, if those muppets can get it right an they had that right years ago (and Apple never had a browser they could copy) im sure the OG crew could come up with something.

Please im begging for some revision here. Ive posted details previously on how it should work, im not going to detail that here, just make it work like Safari.

Thanks for letting me cry like a biotch.
Originally Posted by Drayon
Thanks for letting me cry like a biotch.
Hehe, that was funny. I didn't like the URL autocompletion when I first switched because I was used to the Safari way, but I've come to like it. For scenarios like yours above, I would just set a keyword shortcut (in this case "harm"), it will replicate exactly what you're trying to do since that's what you were typing anyway.
Alternatively, harm w or harm www or har w (etc.) will also work, as will www.harm or w.harm or #1 or or musicians

No scrolling required, as you would for Spotlight, just keep typing to narrow the search.
I like OW's implementation much more than Safari's. I've read more complaints about Safari's than OW's, and that's just from general users.
I agree that OW's is better. I especially like that it will match fragments of the URL, not just URLs that begin with what you've typed.

This is nice when you only remember part of the url.
Originally Posted by Handycam
I agree that OW's is better. I especially like that it will match fragments of the URL, not just URLs that begin with what you've typed.

This is nice when you only remember part of the url.
Yep, which is more often than I remember the full URL. Think of it this way - if you know how to spell the full URL, how important is auto-complete? In that case, I can just type it all out. But if all I can remember is part of it, and I don't know which part it is, then I've got a greater chance of it finding what I want.

And any site that I visit frequently where I would want to go to the home page first is already setup in a tab and in workspaces.
The autocomplete behavior of Omniweb trumps all other browsers, in my opinion; I'm always annoyed in other browsers when I can't match on the title or middle of a URL.

Still, I agree with the original poster wholeheartedly. The matches from the same domain should be sorted by length! Also, I would love to be able to access full history search from the location bar somehow. I leave it up to the omnigroup to figure out the UI.
Typing in the URL bar is performing a full history search. Do you mean to perform a history search of URLs that are distinct from your bookmarks?

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